Register.To Offers Halloween Discount Off Next Purchase

As I perform each week, I perused a few websites to receive the latest news pertaining to tech, search marketing, and domains.
I ventured over to and discovered they’re offering a discount that’ll expire this month. Domain Names
If you’re not familiar with, they offer domain registration services for the .TO TLD domain extension, often referred to as the excellent choice for Toronto, Tokyo, and other parts of the world.
In addition, it most recently became of the home of a hot and fast-growing emoji domain niche.
So, if you’re in the market for a .TO domain, whether 1-word, 2-word or emoji domains, then head on over to and use HAPPYHALLOWEEN to receive 10% OFF your purchase.
The discount of 10% OFF may not sound like a lot to consider when purchasing a domain name.
However, the 10% OFF discount is something to consider when realizing pricing (as shown below). Both cost and savings can add up to something substantial when registering 2 or more domains, and 2 or more years.
And YES, you can register .TO domains up to 25 and 100 years, which is unheard of at other domain registrars. Domain Name Pricing
Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.