Pioneering Emoji Domains in the Multimedia Space with George T. Bundy

Just when you think you’ve seen or experienced it all in life, something or someone new captures and piques your interest.

That was exactly my sentiment when I discovered a BRS Media press release a few weeks touting an “expression of interest” into emoji domains.

I was a bit skeptical about reporting on it only because it wasn’t long ago that .AI allowed emoji domains for a short time and then dropped IDN registrations like a hot potato.

Not knowing much about BRS Media, I didn’t want to risk the same sort of nonsense only to back track months from now.

Nevertheless, I researched a bit found BRS Media to have a 20-year track record in the .FM and .AM ccTLD extensions, mostly pioneering the multimedia domain space for radio stations.

I then connected two and two together when I realized that I’ve encountered .FM domain addresses via podcasts I frequently listen too: and

Then things came full circle while attending NamesCon in Las Vegas and having an in-person encounter with George T. Bundy, CEO of BRS Media.

George and I had previously touched base prior to NamesCon, but thought it to be perfect time and place to meet up.

Although we missed the opportunity to establish a formal meeting, we did meet in person by way of a chance encounter while at the NameCon’s Opening Reception.  And what a great encounter it was even if only for a short 10-15 minutes.

Nevertheless, George and I were able to touch base upon NamesCon concluding. Picking up from where we left off at NamesCon, George provided me an insightful opportunity to record and discuss the following topics:

  • How BRS Media stumbled upon .FM and .AM offerings
  • How the domain industry has changed over time
  • What the future of domains may consist of
  • Are ccTLDs impacted by new gTLD offerings
  • Why emoji domains make business sense, especially for multimedia brand
  • Why dotFM choose to venture into offering emoji domains

I invite and encourage you to tune in and listen to this engaging podcast as George shares why he thinks emoji domains are prime for multimedia brands.

In addition, George share’s a wealth of knowledge and experience of what it’s like successfully launching, operating, and sustaining domain registries amidst a forever-changing domain industry.


Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.