October’s Hand-Picked Brandable Domains from BrandAftermarket.com

In this month’s BrandAftermarket.com domain selections, I’ve hand picked five (5) domains that I think could be easy and profitable flips, or strong development potential based on a product or service.

One of the many attractive things to consider about BrandAftermarket.com in comparison to BrandRoot.com, BrandBucket.com and other brandable marketplaces is price.

You’re surely not going to break the bank at $299 per domain, yet it’s highly likely you’ll find undervalued domains with tremendous upside should you consider flipping or developing.

Also, domains and their links are NOT affiliate links. However, there is a coupon code that you’re more than welcome to use at your discretion should you desire to buy one or more of the mentioned domains or entirely different domain(s) listed on BrandAftermarket.com.

This Month’s Hand-Picked Domains:

BackZap.com – Remove all your back pain with BackZap.com. Sounds like a cream, brace, rub, or electric stimulation to cure back pain.

BlogFeedback.com – Just the domain to launch your blog feedback and consulting services. Share insight with persons and companies seeking to blog.

FortBitcoin.com and CryptoSpree.com – Almost any domain containing the word bitcoin, crypto or select cryptocurrencies is on fire these days, and likely very profitable flips. The latter domain could be used for crypto reporting and analytics for buying, selling, or holding. I guess the MotleyFool.com of cryptocurrency, maybe?

LinkCurrency.com – Yes, people still buy links for their websites even though Google frowns upon this behavior. But I could see this domain as a currency converter product or service as well.

OrangeFunnel.com – Sounds like a lead generation or Sales and Marketing product or service. Then again, it could also the be the brand of a funnel cake company (or maybe I’m simply hungry as I write this). ;D

Honorable Mention:


Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.