Nearly 850 Emoji Domains Expiring in Next 7 Days

It’s the close of yet another productive domain investing week for me (likely you too!), and time to prep for another.

It wasn’t long ago that I reported GoDaddy hosting expiring emoji domain auction lots of nearly 1,200, 650, and 200 in quantity.

Today while reviewing GoDaddy’s emoji domain auctions to expire over the next 7 days, I discovered another tide of emoji domain auctions soon to expire.

As of this writing, there are approximately 850 expiring emoji domain auctions that are set to expire this week, having the following daily auction distribution and breakdown:

  • 10 – 01/14/2018 (1%)
  • 213 – 01/15/2018 (25%)
  • 187 – 01/16/2018 (22%)
  • 31 – 01/17/2018 (4%)
  • 252 – 01/18/2018 (30%)
  • 105 – 01/19/2018 (12%)
  • 50 – 01/20/2018 (6%)

Perusing the entire list of emoji domains set to expire in the coming days, I found the list below are mostly single .WS emoji domains with skin tones:

🏋🏼.ws, 🏋🏾.ws
🕵🏾.ws, 🕵🏽.ws
👳🏿.ws, 👳🏽.ws
🤳🏼.ws, 🤳🏽.ws, 🤳🏻.ws
🙅🏽.ws, 🙅🏿.ws, 🙅🏾.ws
🕺🏽.ws, 🕺🏿.ws, 🕺🏾.ws
🤰🏼.ws, 🤰🏽.ws, 🤰🏾.ws, 🤰🏿.ws
🙇🏽.ws, 🙇🏼.ws, 🙇🏾.ws, 🙇🏿.ws
🤜🏿.ws, 🤜🏻.ws, 🤜🏼.ws, 🤜🏾.ws, 🤜🏽.ws
🤵🏽.ws, 🤵🏼.ws, 🤵🏻.ws, 🤵🏿.ws, 🤵🏾.ws
🙎🏿.ws, 🙎🏽.ws, 🙍🏽.ws, 🙍🏾.ws, 🙍🏼.ws

If you’re interested in bidding on any of the emoji domains names above, then copy and paste the emoji into to retrieve its respective puny code address.

Although I digress with, I spotted quite a few more emoji domain auctions investors and end customers might find value in owning.

With the 2018 wedding season just around the corner, the following emoji domains could be used to represent a number of bridal companies or a distinct couple’s wedding website:


There were also a few note doubles emoji domains:


And moving from doubles into combos, I guess emoji domain owners couldn’t stomach another year of ownership with steep emoji domain renewal fees, depending on what registrar was used to register emoji domain(s).

And just how do I know this? I don’t, but there’s a TROVE of assorted combinations hitting the expiring auction block that make me think so, whether a good or bad registration. Listed below are a handful or two of assorted expiring emoji domain combinations that caught my eye:

👃💍.ws – nose ring
👂💍.ws – ear ring
🕷🤖.ws – search engine bot or spider; spider bot
🎮🤖.ws – gaming bot
🆕🎮.ws – new games
🕸🕷.ws – web spider (search marketing)
🕸🔍.ws – web search
🍒💣.ws – cherry bomb
⛺🔥.ws – camp fire
🤳👸.ws – selfie queen
👑🎳.ws – king of bowling
🏠💵.ws or 🏘💵.ws – real estate agent or company
😎🚗.ws – cool cars
📈📝.ws – writing or content marketing that converts or increases web traffic
🦋💋.ws – butterfly kiss
🚀💯.ws or 💯🚀.ws – every startup is on this ride
⚽💯.ws – nothing but soccer or futbol, 100%
💯💰.ws – 100% cash
💯🎵.ws – 100% music
🙏💵.ws – praying for cash
🆕❤.ws – new love
❤🎁.ws or 🎁❤.ws – love gift(s) or gift(s) lover
❤🌹.ws – love rose(s)
❤🌮.ws – love taco(s)

In addition, there are a couple of hundred emoji domains containing country flags expiring, especially containing the USA flag (dropping like flies!):


And although I did see a small percentage of triple emoji domain names expiring, here are the one’s that caught my attention for whatever reason:


Closing Thoughts

For those keeping count, that’s nearly 3,000 emoji domains to have expired in the last 30 days or so. This 3,000 is only an estimate and NOT inclusive of every emoji domain to hit GoDaddy’s expiring emoji domain auction block.

My best guess is that the once touted 21,000 registered .WS emoji domains is likely flirting with 13,000 registration mark (if not already dipping below) based on rough math on the back of a napkin.

It’s to be expected though as most emoji domains have been registered only a year or so thanks to DomainSherpa, i ❤️.ws and recent news.

It goes without saying, but not all emoji domain registrations make sense or have value in my opinion. There are quite a number of emoji domains gaining in value based on the latest emoji domain sales recently reported.

There are also a number of companies jumping onboard to purchase or lease emoji domains to market their business.  At the time of publishing this writing, Hooters took the plunge with World Emoji Brand.

Whether a NameJet or GoDaddy emoji domain auction, my guidance would be to focus on single emoji domain auctions. Although a case could be made for doubles and triples, I personally have not invested and am staying far from them.

All in all, it’ll certainly be interesting to see if any of the nearly 850 emoji domains to expire in the coming week attract the attention of any bidders and close with auction prices worth writing home about.

Don’t hold your breath, but there could be a few sleepers among the nearly 850 expiring emoji domains that start a bidding frenzy.

Never know what might happen… but NOW you know to what to keep an eye on in the coming week pertaining to expiring emoji domain auctions! 😉

That’s all for now!

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.