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Twitter lit up Friday afternoon like the forthcoming Christmas lights (🎄) will in about a week or so.

The legendary Domain King himself, Rick Schwartz, took to Twitter mid afternoon to express his extreme latest discontent concerning GoDaddy’s aftermarket.

Although it’s been nearly 3 years since his retirement or semi-retirement announcement and the end of blogging, Schwartz has been actively tweeting, ranting, buying, selling, pontificating and more on a wide number of topics, including but not limited to domains.

In particular, Schwartz stated he active bid on an expired domain auction (domain never mentioned) as the high bidder.

Then, with 4 minutes remaining in auction after two 5-minute extensions, Schwartz stated the expired domain auction abruptly ended and disappeared before his very own eyes.

Although not specifically mentioned, Schwartz likely encountered the page below, typically displayed when a domain’s auction time has expired.

GoDaddy Aftermarket - Domain No Longer Exists


Of course, I too have encountered the same page when an auction’s time has truly expired, or attempting to purchase “first come, first serve” buy-it-now or closeout domains purchased by others.

In addition, I’ve bid on, won, and purchased GoDaddy domain auctions only to have the previous owner renew the domain. 😒

Although I receive a full refund each time this happens, I have to admit it’s a frustrating experience to actively bid and win a domain only to have the domain renewed. 😤

Sure, this may come with the territory in domain investing, but never before have I witnessed or encountered an auction ending prematurely while actively bidding with time remaining (and I hope I never do!). 😱

Unfortunately, per another tweet, it appears Schwartz is not the only person experiencing GoDaddy domain auctions vanishing into thin air with time remaining.

Following a long thread of tweets, I discovered a growing number of GoDaddy domain auction participants are stepping forward to voice their opinion and similar auction experiences too.

So, what is GoDaddy’s stance on all of this? Well, it didn’t take long for GoDaddy Help to arrive on the scene to engage Schwartz and others with a “best guess” of what could have taken place.

Per GoDaddy Help, this sort of “now you see me, now you don’t” behavior pertaining to expired domain auctions is a longstanding and known glitch in their aftermarket process and system. And there you have it!

Without definitive facts and more detail pertaining to the exact auction, I don’t know that I classify Schwartz’s situation as one of fake auction or shill bidding (yet) as he did.

Now this DOES NOT mean that nothing is wrong with GoDaddy’s aftermarket. There is peculiar behavior for sure with GoDaddy’s auction process and system glitches.  GoDaddy certainly should address to eliminate such behavior and in short order.

Moving forward, it’ll be interesting to see if GoDaddy does more than “…look for ways to make it make better.”

As fellow domain investor Konstantinos Zournas states, “..don’t hold your breath on GoDaddy [eliminating such behavior in the near future].”

In closing, have you personally experienced GoDaddy expired domain auctions disappearing into thin air with active bids and time remaining?

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4 Responses to 😳Active GoDaddy Domain Auctions Disappear Before Time Expires

  • Eddie Wahbi says:

    I have experienced the same just today and because of how surprised I was when it happened, I started searching through the net to find people with similar experiences and I landed on your article.

    Just yesterday and today I have been following an expired domain that was not bid on at all, and it went to closeout, and I added it to cart and checked out. The domain stayed in the cart until I would login, then when I logged in, the cart goes empty, and my shopping cart shows empty, and the domain when you go back to tdnam is no longer there. The oddest thing is, I did that last night, and this morning I go to search on another computer at tdnam and it pops up; again I try to login to buy it and it disappears; almost as if Godaddy’s algorithm is prevents the buy now indirectly without admitting it for whatever reason/incentive they have to do this. When I search the WHOIS registry it still shows that Godaddy Redemption Services is in control; no new owner/old owner registered after the drop.

  • Gary Quigg says:

    Yes. I actively bid on a domain name. Had the highest bid (USD$60) only to see it disappear. This happened twice over a period of 3 months. It has recently popped up again with an auction start price of USD$50,000.

  • TMC says:

    This happened to me today, on a clearance domain name that so happens to be my last name. Once I selected watch, the domain name disappeared. Very disheartening because the person who owned it in 2017 is not family. I wanted both the .com and .ca to ensure that my children would benefit in time. It is only a last name however it seems like GoDaddy took it off of the auction block the moment I put a watch on the domain name. I can buy it now for over $100 through another service they offer. However the fact is that this domain name expired quite some time ago, was put on auction, no action, then clearance, the buy now price was $10, that is why I watched it, then gone. GoDaddy knows this is my last name since they have my account information. WHOIS still states GoDaddy as the owner since the original owner did not renew. So very frustrated with them.

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