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Websites generating greater customer growth and revenue.
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Do you find it challenging to generate qualified traffic to your website?

Do you think of internet marketing as a mysterious black box of chance?

Do you have a specific internet marketing question you would like answered for your business?


Hey, it’s our buddy, Bob.
Learn how Bob is generating and converting qualified website traffic.

Kickstart Commerce offers internet marketing coaching and consulting services to businesses as an opportunity to learn and apply our proven internet marketing strategies.

Our value-add internet marketing strategies are targeted at consistently generating greater customer growth and revenue for their online business.

We offer you customized internet marketing coaching and consulting services based on your business’ needs and overall business objectives.

What types of topics can I expect to be covered in my internet marketing coaching and consulting session?

We offer customers a wide range of internet marketing topics to choose from (see list below).

  • Using Generic Domain Names to Drive Organic Search Traffic
  • Optimal Website and Blog Success Setup
  • Effective, Profitable Keyword Research
  • Increasing Organic Search Traffic
  • Increasing Search Engine Rankings with Organic Link Building
  • Effectively Using Pay-Per-Click to Generate Traffic
  • Using Social Media to Increase Search Engine Rankings
  • Automating a Website to Profitability
  • Creating troves of Unique and Value-Add Content
  • Customer Content Allocation
  • Content Marketing Management Calendar
  • Effective Blogging or Content Management System Tips & Tricks
  • SEO Basics 101: White, Gray, and Black Hats.
  • Advanced SEO Tips and Tricks
  • On-Page and Off-Page Search Engine Optimization
  • Importance and Effective Use of Web Analytics and Web Master Tools
  • Inside insight to effective Search Optimization Tools

What should I expect in a internet marketing coaching and consulting session?

Our internet marketing coaching and consulting services are not text or video based.  Customers are not expected to self-study and teach themselves.  We offer hourly one-on-one coaching and consulting sessions whereby customers can ask as many questions as their willing to pay for the time to answer.  

In addition, customers have access to a personal coach/consultant via GoToMeeting sessions.  We answer questions with the hands-on capabilities of screen sharing.  Screen sharing is promoted as we show you problematic areas of your existing website and how to fix and manage those areas moving forward.  

Or if you are just starting out in business, we show you how to take the steps to optimize your website if your website in its infancy.  

Also, customers may receive case studies, whitepapers, articles, relational contact information, and other resources when applicable to remedying their problem.

What are the next steps? How do I get started?

Before the internet marketing coaching and consulting is scheduled, the following will happen:

  1. Customer will submit to Kickstart Commerce a well-defined problem as it relates to one or more of the topics above to be scoped.  
  2. Kickstart Commerce will scope and estimate the hours to remedy problem as defined by the customer.
  3. Customers will be presented with a detailed statement of work.
  4. Statement of work and payment method must be agreed to, signed and submitted before coaching and consulting sessions are scheduled.
  5. Coaching and consulting sessions will be delivered per the signed agreement.
  6. Payment will be processed at the conclusion of coaching and consulting session.

Contact us to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION, or to inquire about internet marketing coaching and consulting pricing.

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