From buildings to phones to emails to tv shows to movies to domain names, emoji have taken over almost every area of life known to man.

Reading Barry Schwartz’s latest article, it sounds like pay-per-click advertising is the next target ripe for emoji marketing spending.

There are numerous articles since the beginning of the year that have outlined using emoji in ppc ad copy is against the terms and conditions of some ppc ad networks, specifically Google Adwords.

I think it’s interesting that Google allows organic search results for emoji relevant queries, yet doesn’t allow ppc ads to make use of emoji per qualifying emoji as invalid or unsupported characters via the Adwords Policy’s “Punctation and symbols” Section.

But not so fast there! Dan Perach, a PPC Shopping Channel Specialist, posted via his Twitter account that he has encountered his first sighting of the 🌹emoji as a search term.

Upon further review, it appears that Dan’s ppc ad campaign is rendering both impressions and clicks (expensive clicks too!) when searchers use the 🌹 emoji as a keyword phrase.

But again, if Google doesn’t allow emoji usage for ppc ads, then why and how in the world was Dan able to bid on ads using the 🌹emoji as a search keyword?

Hmm… something seems a bit off. I attempted a few searches using the 🌹 emoji followed by a few keywords, hoping to trigger ad results.

To my surprise, my few searches did render a few ads, however, rendered ppc ads did not make use of the 🌹 emoji in their ad titles, copy or url.

emoji in organic search results

I’m not certain what to make of this finding although it seems like a case of “whac-a-mole”. Nevertheless, Google is likely to qualify Dan’s finding as an Adwords bug of some sort.

Whether a bug or not, optimizing pay-per-click ads to target emoji-friendly searches might be the next area of interest for emoji to penetrate and gain a foothold (if not already doing so).

If possible, would you consider optimizing your ppc ads to use emoji or target emoji searches?

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.