Domain Auctions Ending 12/24/2015

Well, I guess hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions, will hit the road to travel for Christmas, or head out to the malls for those last minute Christmas gifts.

My wife let me off easy this year and told I’m only responsible for stock stuffers.  YES, a blessed man I am!  And if that’s not enough blessing, we’re on schedule to have a near 80-degree Christmas here in Austin, Texas.  I guess Jack Frost got his directions mixed up this year, and I truly appreciate it and having Christmas in a polo, shorts and flip flops.

It looks like a handful of domains arrive as early Christmas gifts with today’s auction.  There are some old, yet good domains to bid on today.  With that, let’s review today’s domain auctions.As always, click the domain name to view the auction and bidding information. – Time to go fishing for real this time. Only a 12-year old domain. – Make someone’s birthday wishes come true with this 9-year old domain name. – Interesting name for a domain and business, but I guess one could be a builder of circles using this domain name. – Figure out a way to beat Amazon Web Services, and this will be the domain you’ll want to use to offer your hosting services. 7-year old domain name. – If you don’t dazzle them with your brilliance, then you’ll baffle them with this 9-year old domain. – If you’re an animal lover, create your very own animal universe with this domain. – Create a database reference website for those of us with short term memory issues. What was the name of that DB site again? – I never said whether it was for South or North, but I guess both are relevant in this situation. – Definitely close to HipChat, but a long way from jive turkey and cool cat. – We go from a hip cat to a happy monkey on a .com. I guess so… – Could be a good informative themes website for educating those who use Content Management System (CMS). – Easy to understand .com domain. Nun said. – Thomas, Hines & Cook Medical practice… maybe? 6-year old domain. – If you want to be the number one reporter in Brooklyn, then you need this credible .com domain. Only a 6-year old domain. – Made me think about TNT Room for some reason. Not sold on the domain, but it could prove to be a valuable domain name. – Are avatars still around? I guess so… If not, it is 18 years old. -Talking a huge marketplace to buy discounts on commodity products and services. There’s nothing like that on earth!? It’s 17-year old, so it’s worth something. – Good 13-year old domain for a non-profit focused on green energy. – Not bad for a 12-year old domain used for publishing. It’ll be interesting to see if this domain garners any attention. – Can’t go wrong with a bunch of 8’s and 9’s in this 7 digit domain. Wait, 7-digit domains are now popular? – Hmm…12-year old domain. Reminds of the domain that would have worked when I was a partner with

Here’s a few interesting 3-4 character .net domains set to end auction today:,,,,,,,,,,,

Here’s a few interesting 3-5 character .com domains set to end auction today:,,,,,,

And finally… I’m not a big .co fan, but here’s one for the road:

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.