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To kick off the year, NameJet launched another 80+ emoji domain auctions in its Premium .WS Emoji Domain auction, which debuted December 2017.

PreRelease bids were made and ended a few days ago for 9 single .WS emoji domains.

The same emoji domains are now in Public Auction with hours remaining until auctions end.

Out of the 9 single .WS emoji domains, nearly half of the auctions are flirting with their respective auction reserve pricing.

Most of these emoji domains auctions are currently bidding at $500 or more at the time of this writing.

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🔝.ws, the top with upwards arrow above emoji, has met its reserve pricing and is currently bidding at $500. My guess is 🔝.ws will likely go for more than $500, seeing it’s met its reserve.

A few other emoji domain auctions worth noting and paying close attention too, which I based the title of this article on, are 💦.ws (sweat droplets emoji) and 🐇.ws (rabbit emoji).

Both are currently bidding at $1001 and $160 respectively, having not met their auction reserve pricing of Between $1001 and $2500 and $500 or less respectively.

And although my eyes are glued on 💦.ws and 🐇.ws emoji domain auctions, there is one emoji domain without reserve pricing and bidding at $71 at the time of writing: 🖍.ws (crayon emoji).

🖍.ws is likely the sleeper emoji domain auction that may very well surprise us with a 4-figure closing auction price.

Another sleeper emoji domain auction to keep a close eye on is 🦂.ws (scorpion emoji), which is currently bidding at $500 with a reserve price Between $501 and $1000.

With a handful of emoji domain auctions having closed at $1K or more, today’s emoji domain auctions are poised to meet or raise the .WS emoji domain sales bar.

View Full list of NameJet .WS Emoji Domain Auctions

And it goes without saying, but please take time to research and perform your own due diligence before barreling into emoji domains as investments.

Well, that’s all for now.

Can NameJet Make a Splash or Pull a Rabbit Out of Its Emoji Domain Auction Hat? Click To Tweet

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