8 Single .WS Emoji Domain Auctions End Today

It’s a who’s who, motley crew sort of day in the world of emoji domain auctions.

To say the least, it’s been a fairly quiet month for public and expiring emoji domain auctions.

But that all could change with today’s emoji domain auction lineup.

As reported last week, the listed emoji auctions over at NameJet have a chance of jumpstarting emoji domain sales based on their lower reserve pricing than previous emoji domain auctions.

👎.ws (xn--zp8h.ws)
⚜.ws (xn--07h.ws)
🌲.ws (xn--vh8h.ws)
🗨.ws (xn--p18h.ws)
🇨🇱.ws (xn--g77hsa.ws)
😤.ws (xn--f38h.ws)
🎦.ws (xn--6k8h.ws)
😼.ws (xn--338h.ws)

At the time of this writing, the aforementioned emoji domain auctions have not met their reserve pricing, but that could all change this afternoon.

Had the New Orleans Saints made it to the Super Bowl, ⚜.ws would likely lead the pack. That’s not the case today, so we’ll have to watch this auction closely to see if it’ll smash reserve pricing.

There’s also 🌲.ws (Evergreen tree emoji), which *could* represent Christmas tree companies, tree companies, and Stanford University.

The most confusing in the list is 🇨🇱.ws. If you’re not familiar with the Texas state flag, then you could likely be confused by it at first glance. It’s not the Texas state flag, but the flag for Chile emoji.

Out of the 8 emoji domain auctions, the two likely to keep an eagle’s eye on are 👎.ws and 😤.ws.

There are many uses for both emoji domains, yet both have found comfy homes representing anger via Twitter posts (based on Brandwatch’s The Emoji Report).

It wouldn’t surprise me if either emoji domain made a lasting mark in or surrounding politics.

And speaking of surprises, the suspense is building yet time and emoji domain auctions are running short to post sales as January nears an end.

With that, I’m running short on time prepping to attend NamesCon in a few days. Will I see you there?


Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.