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Shouts of praise and joyous screams of “Live long .ws” can be heard around the world just in time for World Emoji Day.

The general public has spoken and crowned .ws as King of Emoji Domain extensions.

There’s no other domain extension that can or will ever compete with .ws for emoji domains. 😱

And just how do we know this? “We Smile”, and simply check the poll results. 😂

As @DomainKing quite often says, “Numbers don’t lie, people do!”

If you’re in the dark in regards to the defacto emoji domain extension, then allow me to bring clarity to your confusion.

I posted a Twitter poll a few days ago requesting the general public to cast a vote for which domain extension they’re likely to use when registering emoji domains.

The entire universe has spoken with a whopping 24 people and a few “nones” responding to the Twitter poll as you can see below.

In short, .ws is now the defacto extension for registering emoji domains. Or is it? 

To be fair, I was limited by Twitter poll technology to listing 4 extensions.

And by the way, if you didn’t know, there are more than 4 ccTLD extensions that allow emoji domain registration.

In fact, it appears that domain investor Max Guerin has the inside scoop (based on tweet below) on which extension is likely to dethrone the .ws extension.

Of course, such comments spark endless debate from many emoji domain fans into which extension Max is referencing as the holy grail of emoji domains.

No matter what your take is on emoji domains or even which extension is truly the defacto for emoji domains, the real conversation should be focused on whether or not emoji domains drive profitable business.

There are endless gimmicks and fly-by-night ideas, with more on the way, that come and go without providing one bit of value to anyone.

In fact, emoji domains, like ideas, are a dime a dozen when considering domain names in their entirety.

It’s important that we all truly understand and comprehend that there is more to emoji domains and their respective extension than simply being right for the sake of being right.

Seriously, who cares what extension it is at the end of the day?

Poll, argue, debate, and win all the battles you want about whether it’s .ws, .to, .et, .ml or .whatever that’s the defacto emoji domain extension.

But the critical idea we must all come to realize, recognize, and value the most is this:

So, let us work TOGETHER to not simply BE right for arguments sake, but most importantly, GET IT RIGHT intentionally using emoji domains to drive profitable results regardless of the extension.

“Even a blind pig can find an acorn once in a while.” ✌😎

Meet Alvin Brown

He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.

2 Responses to 😱 58% Choose .WS as Defacto Emoji Domain Extension

  • Page Howe says:

    So i think your trying to say something, but not really and you realize 24 isnt a big sample size, but still use it in the headline, but tongue in cheek.

    So what are you saying, im thinking this is fake news right now…

    page howe

    • Alvin Brown says:

      Hi Page,

      Not fake news at all… and thanks for your input.

      I, as you do and others, desire for emoji domains to be used by businesses (regardless of extension) to drive profitable results.

      Yes, I am invested in .ws domains, but I’m not so committed to .ws that I couldn’t see valid uses for other extensions.

      For instance, I could see .ml for a mail service or product, .gq for modeling, and .to for redirect to or go to.

      That said, we’ve witnessed a bit of extension infighting as of late (as shown above). It’s too early for that type of nonsense.

      As I concluded and stated before, let us all work TOGETHER to ensure that we are highlighting valid emoji domain use cases for businesses to drive results.

      Thanks for your comment and hope this helps bring clarity.

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