Mixed Feelings About Resurfacing of DNForum

Love was in the air, and so was the news that DNForum had been sold as reported Feb. 14th (Valentine’s Day) by DomainGang.com. ❤  Breaking news to all, DNForum terms of agreement and buyer’s identity were protected by a non-disclosure.

But as it stands today, you’ve likely heard proverbial “shots fired” pertaining to DNForum’s resurfacing due to industry blogs sharing the identity of the new DNForum management team.

And based on my reading comments from various folks across industry blogs, the love that was in the air has some singing that the thrill has come and gone, never to return again. 💔

There are no shortage on thoughts and feelings at it pertains to the resurfacing of DNForum and involved parties. It’s truly the good, the bad, and ugly, and it’s more talk than just domains going on.

To my knowledge, DSAD.com’s Domain Shane was the first to share a story introducing new owners of DNForum.

It didn’t take long rain drops of scandal and speculation to surface in comments once new leadership names were made public.  🤯🤨😤😡😳😱🤫🤭

In addition, it hasn’t taken long for other industry sites to follow up with their own stories, polls, and insight:

With the publishing of the aforementioned content came a number of well wishes, curses, and, of course, a good bit of mud slinging from a few folks guzzling cups of “Internet” courage.

With a cascading number of comments, TheDomains.com and a few other blogs reveal there’s certainly folks with bad blood and hardened hearts towards seeing DNForum succeed.

Personally, I have no dog in this race and am waiting for the dust to settle. I’m not much of a forum user in general. I did create a NamePros account back 2016, but use it sparingly, if at all.

As for DNForum and what’s to come, no one knows. Yet, no matter how things turn out though, I wish the new DNForum leadership and participants the best run up the hill.

And like with everything else in life, time will tell and unfold DNForum’s next set of twists and turns in an already long, historic and storied journey.

We wait for now to the future become the present… and with that, that’s all for now!

The CliffNotes Version: DNForum

Since coming to life in 2001 founded by a then 15-year old Dan Gessler, DNForum has weaved a story and plot made for the movie screen. Gessler operated DNForum for nearly 2 years before reportedly selling for $5,000 dollars to Texan and Domain Investor Greg Ricks in 2002. Ricks’ implemented a wide number of sweeping changes across DNForum, some popular while others were not. These sweeping changes also introduced non-paid and paid competitors: DomainState.com and NamePros.com. All in all, Ricks’ sustained changes that led to greater awareness, participation, and revenue before selling in 2003 to the now infamous Adam Dicker for an unconfirmed $50000. DNForum had its run under Dicker, having had its final curtain call in 2016 amidst Dicker’s sea of turmoil and scandal to say the least. Fast forward to George Verdugo and Kevin Faler jumping at the opportunity to resurrect a distressed DNForum in 2017, purchasing it for an undisclosed amount from Dicker. Now a year later and on the rehabilitation path through George and Kevin’s stewardship, DNForum makes another run to re-capture it’s crown, which has been long held now by NamePros.com, and market share from DomainBoardroom.com and DomainState.com.

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.