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If you haven’t heard the latest news over Mother’s weekend, over 90 countries were hit by the Wanna Decryptor virus, also known as WannaCry or WannaCrypt.

In light of this news and the release of I❤️.ws, got me to thinking about Emoji + ASCII domain names.  If you have no clue of what I’m talking about in regards to emoji domain names, then check here and Twitter to get up to speed.

Nevertheless, I thought the WannaCry virus lent itself well to emoji domains.  Below you’ll find a creative list of WannaCry emoji domains I thought of and found available for registration.  There are likely many more combos, but these were just the first to come to mind.

WannaCry Available Emoji Domain Names

If you do register any WannaCry emoji domains, then please leave a comment and list the registered emoji domain(s). And it goes without saying, but do your research before investing.

Enjoy and stay safe out in the cyber streets of the inter webs. 😉

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