Recap of 2018’s Wild Domaining Predictions

2018 has been an interesting year to say the least. It’s certainly flown by in a flash.

Rather than attempt to recap all the twists and turns of 2018, let’s dive in to recap 2018’s wild domain predications as I saw it this time last year.

Well, I stunk it up on 2018’s domain predictions going 2 out of 10, or only getting a dismal 20% of the predictions right.  Good thing a new year is right around the corner. 😀

And without further ado, here’s the 2018 domain prediction recap:

1. GoDaddy adds BIN/Closeout Domain auctions to their investor app

The short of the story is this prediction is nothing but a pipe dream likely not ever going to happen. Hopeful I was, and hopeful I’ll continue to be. Nevertheless, I’ll continue to use the GoDaddy Investor App in ebbs and flows.

2. Three reported .com sales of $5+ million for DNJournal’s YTD 2018

Nothing but a big goose egg (0 – zero) on this prediction too, although sold for $3.5 million in mid July and sold for $1.2 million in early March via NamesCon Auction. Speaking of NamesCon, don’t forget to register to attend the final NamesCon held in Las Vegas next month. NamesCon will continue, but in a different location yet to be announced — hoping for Austin.

3. Rick Schwartz returns to Twitter

Nope, ain’t gonna happen especially with social networks waning in activity and traffic. But the good news is that Rick has returned to blogging, having written thought-provoking content to closeout 2018.

4. .ai to out pace .io domain registrations and sales by 25%

I totally missed the boat on this one. I thought that .ai domains would get white hot; however, it was .io domains that stole the domain registrations and sales by more than 25% — .io topping .ai by ~ $1 million in domain sales and ~740 total sales. Although this isn’t the full story, Namebio’s sampling of 2018 data of .ai and .io domain sales. See the sales data below. Remember, there are likely a good percentage of .ai and .io domain sales not publicly reported.

2018 .ai sales via Namebio

2018 .ai domain sales via Namebio

2018 io. sales via Namebio

2018 .io domain sales via Namebio

5. GoDaddy releases new and improved after marketing API by Aug 1st

I did managed to write a few GoDaddy API tutorials via Too bad those tutorials are not using the newly released and improved aftermarket API that has yet to surface. Again, waiting on GoDaddy and hoping GoDaddy resurrects the aftermarket API in 2019. Next!

6. One Non .com gTLD sale of $250K for DNJournal’s YTD 2018

Prediction nailed thanks to the following 2018 domain sales as reported by DNJournal:

  • Online.Casino at $510,000 in June
  • Vacation.Rentals at $500,000 in April
  • Home.Loans at $500,000 in January

7. NameJet hauls in a .WS emoji domain auction of $7,500

I knew this prediction was a stretch to say the least. Long story short, .WS emoji domain auctions at NameJet when stone cold and have yet to resurface any this year although Namebio reports a handful of .WS emoji domain sales via GoDaddy and Dynadot aftermarket platforms.

8. GoDaddy adds bidder ids to their aftermarket

We can all keep wishing for this one. As the saying goes, “hell will freeze over” before GoDaddy does such a thing. Now watch this very thing happen in 2019 just to prove a point (fingers crossed). Next!

9. Ripple skyrockets to $10 by July 1st, resulting in 25 .com domain sales of $15k or more containing keyword “ripple” or “xrp”

I’m not going to provide any stats on this prediction nonsense. It didn’t happen and not likely to happen, if ever. Next!

10. Five reported .com domain sales of $150K for DNJournal’s YTD 2018

Thank goodness I gave myself a winning shot on this prediction. In short, there are 59 .com domain sales with a minimum of $150K.


In closing, I’ll have new predictions for the coming year, so stay tuned for my post tomorrow!  Cheers and I wish you the best in finishing up 2018 strong.

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.