NameJet’s .WS Emoji Domain Auction Nearing a Finale

It’s almost been 60 days since NameJet announced they would host a Premium Emoji . WS Domains Auction.

Much has happened since that time too. As for results, some say it’s been the good, the bad, ugly and in between or indifferent.

The last lot of NameJet .WS emoji domain auctions is nearing their PreRelease closing time.

There are 12 .WS emoji domain auctions at the time of this writing. The most notable auctions to keep a close eye on are the following 7 Single .WS emoji domains:

🛩.ws (
🌽.ws (*
❕.ws (
🌡.ws (*
😵.ws (
🤕.ws (
👯.ws (

Asterisk (*) denotes No Reserve or Reserve Met

In my opinion, the two emoji domain auctions see likely to draw the most attention are the 🛩.ws (small airplane emoji) and 🌡.ws (thermometer emoji).

Once PreRelease auction time closes, emoji domain auctions with bids will then turn the corner headed for a 3-Day Public Auction.

The PreRelease and Public Auction occurs at an interesting time, seeing NamesCon kicks off tomorrow and goes until Wed.

With a few emoji domain exhibitors and NameJet attending NamesCon, one would hope this opportunity might just be the visibility and exposure needed to closeout with a big bang.

We’ll know the results soon enough. For now, perform your due diligence and get those bids in while you can.

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.