NameJet’s Premium Emoji Domain Auction Debuts With Interesting Results

Tis’ the week all eyes have been glued on the debuting of NameJet’s Premium .WS Emoji Domain Auctions.

Now that things are slowing down a bit with GoDaddy emoji domain auctions, many new emoji domain investors are learning on the fly how the NameJet auction platform works.

There have been quite a few PreRelease bids placed as well as Public Auction bids.

However, from what I could tell watching NameJet’s public auction of emoji domain auctions close, not many, if any, emoji domain auction reserves were met.

Most barely scratched the $125 price mark with the exception of a $333 bid for 🚬 .ws (cigarette emoji).

Of the 11 emoji domain auctions I watched close in the final moments, two (2) emoji auctions without reserves, 🐡.ws (blowfish emoji) and 🛎.ws (bell emoji), closed with bids of $89 and $99 respectively.

This is certainly nothing to write home about and pales in comparison to the single emoji domain prices fetched over at GoDaddy

As it stands right now, the following emoji domains are in PreRelease status and nearing their backorder closing time of 10PM CST / 11 PM EST:

🏪.ws (
💚.ws (
🇩🇰.ws (
🐚.ws (
💃.ws (
🎳.ws (
👁.ws (
📍.ws (
🍰.ws (*
👊🏾.ws (*

As for additional emoji domains in Public Auction and ending auction 12/15/2017, the list follows:

🐦.ws (*
📐.ws (*
🔑.ws (
👢.ws (
💧.ws (
🍧.ws (*
🏰.ws (
💜.ws (
🎢.ws (
💕.ws (

Asterisk (*) denotes emoji domain auctions WITH NO reserve.

If you desire to bid in auction not the aforementioned emoji domains, then you better get those bids placed before their respective auction time expires.

Feel free to read more about the NameJet platform or auction process should you have questions or concerns. That’s all for now, and happy emoji domain bidding.

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.