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Here we are closing out a Tuesday with Hump Day fast approaching, and GoDaddy has found a way to bring small business websites throughout the world using their WordPress and Classic web hosting packages to a complete halt.

I knew something went wrong when I received a flurry of emails close to 5PM EST about a number of customer websites being down.

I really didn’t pay much attention because I saw most were back up in a matter of 5 minutes or less.

Then came the knockout punch some 15 minutes later when every last customer website I support was displaying the dreadful WordPress error message:

Error establishing a database connection

When checking GoDaddy’s system status page, I discovered the orange kiss of death across a number of it’s products (see image):

At the time of this publication, GoDaddy has yet to say what technicality caused this massive outage that has brought thousands of small businesses to its knees.

The image above confirmed my worst nightmare as the customers I support directly and indirectly began email and calling like the world was nearing an end.

By my watch, most of the websites I support were down approximately 30-40 minutes (OUCH!). A few of my personal websites were down, but my most critical websites did not miss a beat thanks to CloudFlare failover services!

You should certainly invest in CloudFlare or some other website hosting backup service in the event of another GoDaddy snafu as witnessed today.

And speaking of a back up plan when a web host provider’s services goes down, I have to give a hat tip to Growfio for thinking quick and capitalizing on GoDaddy’s untimely misfortune.

For the time being, all is back well and websites are fully functioning. We’ll await to hear from GoDaddy should they fess up in full transparency to what brought down it’s small business empire.

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