⚜️ The Fleur-de-lis Emoji Domain Auction Met Reserve With “Steal-of-a-Deal” Pricing

Someone or persons in the Saints marketing organization are likely to be sick after reading this article and opportunity missed 🤢, especially after realizing they were tweeted too. 🤮

From the Golden Flower to iconic jewelry to World Scout Emblem to Chevy Corvette Emblem and Chevy Hood Ornament to the New Orleans Saints to branding runaway Louisiana slaves centuries ago to name a few, the fleur-de-lis expresses a variety meanings across the board from monarchy centuries ago to unity and rebuilding today.

And amongst its treasured or distasteful history based on your viewpoint, the fleur-de-lis can now check off emoji domain with the latest NameJet auction in the books and completed. 

As I reported earlier today and late last week,  a number of Single .WS emoji domain auctions ended this week.

Out of 8 NameJet emoji domain auctions up for grabs, only one met its reserve pricing: ⚜️.ws (fleur-de-lis emoji).

⚜️.ws remained rather quiet until about 10-15 minutes remaining in auction. Jumping from the $100’s to $277 to $460 to its final auction closing pricing of $499, someone received a steal of a deal winning this auction beauty today.

At worst, ⚜️.ws could find a home with a diehard New Orleans Saints Fans, if the Saints organization doesn’t contact first.

Heck, one might even contact Chevy knowing the fleur-de-lis was just about on every car during the 70’s, and still remains a part of the recognizable Corvette logo to this very day.

I see the challenge to be pitching a value-add use to support and drive more business, but that should be no issue seeing 🔥.ws’ recent emoji marketing campaign. For now, we wait to see what becomes of ⚜️.ws.

As for the other 7 Single .WS emoji domain auctions, the results weren’t anything to write home about.  Here are their results:

👎.ws (xn--zp8h.ws) $501 – RNM – Between $501 and $1,000 – 6 bid(s) from 6 bidder(s)
🌲.ws (xn--vh8h.ws) $99 – RNM – Between $501 and $1,000 – 10 bid(s) from 9 bidder(s)
🗨.ws (xn--p18h.ws) $69 – NR – 5 bid(s) from 5 bidder(s) all @ $69
🇨🇱.ws (xn--g77hsa.ws) $69 – RNM – $500 or less – 1 bid(s) from 1 bidder(s)
😤.ws (xn--f38h.ws) $69 – RNM – Between $501 and $1,000 – 5 bid(s) from 5 bidder(s)
🎦.ws (xn--6k8h.ws) $69 – RNM – Between $501 and $1,000 – 2 bid(s) from 2 bidder(s)
😼.ws (xn--338h.ws) $69 – RNM – $500 or less – 5 bid(s) from 5 bidder(s)

None of the above emoji auctions met their reserve, so with the owner’s they shall remain for now.

At the time of this writing, NameJet has what looks to be the last lot of Premium Emoji .WS Domains in auction, which ends Sunday night based on closing time tracker.

Out of the remaining lot, there are 12 emoji domain auctions with 7 out of the 12 being single .WS emoji domains:

🛩.ws (xn--188h.ws)
🌽.ws (xn--6h8h.ws)*
❕.ws (xn--bei.ws)
🌡.ws (xn--eh8h.ws)*
😵.ws (xn--w38h.ws)
🤕.ws (xn--xp9h.ws)
👯.ws (xn--xq8h.ws)

Asterisk (*) denotes No Reserve or Reserve Met

Best guess says to the emoji domain auction to watch closely is 🛩.ws. Could be a great social media and marketing domain for an airline carrier or maker of airplanes to stylishly market their company.

Again, we wait to see what becomes in the NameJet’s Premium Emoji .WS Domain Auctions finale. Stay tuned!

That’s all for now!

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.