Domain Auctions Ending 5/9/2016

Life is quite short and can change without a moment’s notice. One minute you’re here. The next you’re there. The next you’re gone.

Those thoughts passed through my mind when we encountered a deadly crash on our way from Conroe (north of Houston) back to Austin on Highway 290 yesterday.

We didn’t get close to the crash and it was back up for miles.

What’s sad is that some family or friends saw their loved one for the last time on a very emotional holiday. I’m not certain if they were on there way or coming from visiting family.

The thought that some mother’s life has been changed for the rest of her days, should she be alive, is heartbreaking, to say the least.

Family and friends impacted by yesterday’s accident will always remember the accident for years and decades to come.

What was seemingly a happy day to celebrate one the most nurturing figures to ever birth a life into the world, now is stained with a painful memory and loss of a loved one.

My family and I were fortunate to make it back to our destinations, safe and sound and without incident.

In domaining news, the following two articles are ones that I found to be interesting reads over the weekend:

Let’s get down to business with today’s auction. As usual, click domains to view their respective pricing detail and data.

Domain Auctions Ending Today – Having attend in the last week or so, this domain would be quite popular as a DevOps service or product. – How many of these things are there throughout the world? – Sounds like a search marketing company will brand this domain, and – A few one word .net and .com domains to consider. – Money right to your email inbox or mailbox if you’re not with tech lending – Two words that just go together. – Sounds like a competitor to Austin’s Hey Cupcake. Some reason I see and hear Chickens saying to eat more Cow Cakes! – She had a what done to her what when? Just calm down and… – Quite a few companies could use this domain as an upgrade domain. I might bid on it and simply redirect it. – Personally, I prefer a minimal desktop while my boys think I need all of their toys and latest gadgets sitting at trophies on my desk. Nice domain if you’re in the market of selling desktop gadgets or widgets. Hmm, wonder if is available? – Name says it all, and lends itself to quite a broad field of cleaning options or types of companies. – When I grew up, this was staying outside to play until the street light came on. We relived ourselves outside and drank from the water hose, talking about living dangerously.

Additional domain auctions worth keeping tabs on today:

Numeric domains are back for the time being:

4L .net domain auctions:

4L, 5L and 6L .com domain auctions:

Written by Alvin Brown
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