Domain Auctions Ending 5/7/2016

It’s Mother’s Day Weekend, and I can’t wait to spend it with both my mothers and one of the best mothers I intimately know and cherish daily: my wife!

If you have a mother that’s living, might I strongly suggest that you buy her flowers, a card or at least give you a phone call just to say thank you and how much you love her. We only have one biological mother, and that’s all we get and have in this life.

Yes, there are mother-like figures, but only one person can say that carried you 9 months and delivered you. With no list tomorrow (as usually is the occurrence Sundays) Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!

In domaining news, should you get bored over the weekend and have downtime for a bit of read, then might I suggest the following insightful articles:

Last but not least, would you like your domains included in this listing? Then, read more about how you can that and more…

Onto today’s domain auctions ending. Remember, click domains to view their auction prices and details.

Domain Auctions Ending Today – There is nothing new under the sun, and you can prove it owning and operating this domain. – Short for Cleveland Entertainment.  You better also own the full .com version of this domain to ensure all bases are covered. – I would imagine there are quite a few salons with this name that are due for a domain upgrade. – Watch out for this domain, and don’t get involved. Read this to find out why… – Like win this domain to start, and you’re future is bright… I think. – A great upgrade name for a few legal websites already in operation. High cost-per-click word in law, and a market that is white hot and expanding quite rapidly as each year passes. – Not my favorite, but it’ll work. I like the plural better, especially if it were a .com. – We’re living a word of nothing but data, real big data. – I remember one time on a band trip… Remember that movie (dating myself)?  It was actually, “One time at band camp…” – A bit long but a real big market with a high cost per click

Additional domain auctions worth reviewing and keeping a tight eye on throughout the day via GoDaddy Investor App:

A mixed bag of 3L and 4L domain auctions:

Strong list of 4L .net domain auctions:

Look who’s back in action… numeric domain auctions:

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