Domain Auctions Ending 4/15/2016

It’s Friday! I’ve got another day chocked full of meetings and to do list I hope to knock a dent in.

First off, there appears to be a GoDaddy coupon scam going on whereby you pay someone directly to use their coupons. DO NOT DO THIS and ready why.

Speaking of GoDaddy coupons, I updated my GoDaddy promo code page this week with new promo codes.

In other news, Rightside posted a blog yesterday comparing new domain name extensions and pay-per-click advertising. It’s an interesting read, to say the least, and one that is sure to spark conversations for small business owners.

And for those of you wondering how many domains there are currently registered, then read this.

Finally, Michael Gilmour posted Part II of How China’s Looming Debt Crisis Will Impact Domains. Oh, and it’s good too! Read up…

Onto today’s domain auctions. As usual, click domains to view their respective auction detail and data.

Domain Auctions Ending Today – Muffin tops and love handles won’t withstand a “BulgeBlaster” workout. 15 years old with NO bids. – Missing the “e” but a good 11 year old domain to brand. – Share all your fly fishing tips and tricks. 13 years old and NO bids. – 17 years old with 5 bids. Are we talking about the deodorant? – Maybe Service Oriented Architecture Center??? 11 years old and bidding quite high. – If you have the network and connections to pull it off, then this 17 year old domain helps you do just that. – I’m not a hardcore composter but I do compost and like to share a variety of composting ideas. 16 years old with a $12 bid. – 7 years old with 4 bids for the search marketing domain. – Code that snaps or code in a snap or I’m just losing my mind. Based on bids, maybe not. 13 years old. – If you want a job, then you’ll need to do this for sure. 16 years old.

Additional domain auctions to keep an eye on:

4L, 5L and 6L .com domain auctions:

4L .net domain auctions are still strong:

4L .org domain auctions still holding their own:

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