Domain Auctions Ending 2/10/2016

Love is in the air, and Valentine’s Day is fast approaching is so is my wife’s birthday.  Fortunately, she’s very easy to buy for and doesn’t ask for much.  She’s truly a sweetheart and the perfect wife for me.  She doesn’t ask, demand or command that I buy over-priced chocolate and roses.

Nevertheless, I try to make up for lack of Valentine’s day throughout the year with random days of thoughtfulness and not just because mainstream America, rather Hallmark, says I should.  I love seeing her surprised and she loves being randomly surprised.

Nothing much going on for Hump Day.  Today’s domains are decent.  Most of the domains below are more that 15 years old, so you’ve got age on your side.  I’ve included a few geo keyword domains in the auctions list that I think are good domains to bid on.  And of course, I’ve included the popular 4L and 4C domains, both .net and .com.  

Happy domaining and as usual, click the domains to view their respective auction details.

Domain Auctions Ending Today – This ought to be the City of Austin’s website address with the high number of individuals moving here daily.  17 years old and quite popular with 20 bids. – 16 years old with 10 bids.  I guest it’s short for vertical clock or a vmware branded clock. I like this domain over years old with 2 bids). – A decent domain for the Omni Hotel.  16 years old. – A bit long, but everyone could use a companion or two.  16 years old with no bids. – Makes me think of going walleye fishing.  16 years old with 11 bids. – A decent geo keyword domain to brand although I like the plural version of this domain more.  8 years old with NO bids. – At least you know what you’re getting and buying from this website.  18 years old. and – I would prefer this domain without the “ing”. I didn’t realize “i” and “e” .com domains are still in style. Who knew.  Both 16 years old with NO bids. – A great site or app to promote endless coupons and how to have fun along the way couponing.  17 years old with 6 bids. – Spanish domain for Houston Jobs. Not bad to create a website dedicated to Spanish-speaking citizens.  17 years old with NO bids. – I would prefer to replace “online” with “e”, but this domain works with the British spelling of check. 16 years old with NO bids. – If you’re a creative basket maker or manufacturer, then this is the perfect domain for your business.  17 years old. – Toys that make noise are band from the House of Brown. I gladly re-gift noise toys. 😉  16 years old with 9 bids. – Another domain that I would prefer to see “e” over “online”, but the domain still works to build a reader audience.  16 years old with NO bids. – Oregon Federal Credit Union, maybe?  16 years old with NO bids.

Nothing here to see but .net and .com domains that may be worth your time to brand:

5L, 6L and 7L .com domains:

A handful of LNNN and NLLL .com domains:

A mixed bag of NNLL, LLNN, LNNL, and NLLN .com domains:

One 4L .org and many .net domains to choose from:

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.