Domain Auctions Ending 2/11/2016

Looks like Michael Cyger is back at it again!  If you’re not familiar with Mike, then you might want to get to know him and a growing line of domain industry websites.  But before I share his latest news I stumbled across, let me give a quick background.

I’ve known of Mike since his days of successfully owning, and the selling it with his media company.  The lean six sigma training company I previously worked for advertised quite a bit of annual marketing spend with

Then, there is also another project I was invited to participate in called   Come to think of it, I haven’t visited that site in quite a while. I got a personal invite when I called Mike to pick his brain about a personal project of my own that would mimic his’s advertising plan.  That project did launch, but Facebook and Twitter grew faster than it did. But onto Mike’s latest news…

As for Mike’s current day activities, he’s spent the last 5 or so years becoming a top domaining expert with, and now his latest endeavor,  Mike also is an investor of Efty, a domain management application for domain investors, or also referred to as domainers.

Nevertheless, I’ve been an avid follower of although I’ve not had my portfolio reviewed in its entirety by the show’s Domain Experts, rather DomainSherpas.  But I have had a few domains to honorably mentioned throughout a couple of domain review episodes.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit and you’re looking for great expert insight as it pertains to selling and buying domain names, then I suggest you pay Mike a visit today.  All the videos and materials on this site are FREE.

As for, this site is a paid self-study domain investing online class.  It’s the same material as with greater detail, but condensed and presented in a logical order.  I’ve not purchased or enrolled in, but from the intro videos on the site, this looks to be a service that many have longed for. covers domaining from A to Z with everything you need to know to become a Professional Domainer.

I encourage you to take a few minutes and peruse both and If there’s one thing I can say about Mike, it’s that he’s polished, professional, and products/services he delivers are always top notch and best of quality.

And no Mike didn’t pay me to say any of this.  Hats off to Mike for his diligence and dedication in raising the bar of excellence in the domaining community and industry as a whole.

Let’s move on down the road and get to today’s domain auctions.  As usual, please click the domain links to view their respective auction details.

Domain Auctions Ending Today – Short and easy to remember, although I think you only get 1 phone call and not 1 web check. Of course, I wouldn’t know these things up close and personal. 16 years old with NO bid. – We can bail you out of jail almost anywhere within the US. 16 years old. – Well dang! I must be on a role with jail and bail domain names. Here’s another that’s easy to remember. 16 years old. – Isn’t this cheating? It doesn’t surprise me seeing the large number of essay purchase sites available. 16 years old with 7 bids. – Someone doesn’t want to share the link juice. Remember, sharing is caring! 15 years old. – Peanut Butter, Polished Brass, Playback, Private Banking, and more… 15 years old. – I like, I like… I can smell cookies, muffins, cupcakes and pies. Time for breakfast. 18 years old. – Nice little fit for a local NYC bank or if you’re sharing location specific banking news as it pertains to NYC.  16 years old with NO bids.

A few more names to brand at your discretion:

Nothing to see here but 5L, 6L and 7L .com domains:

A mixed bag of NLLL, NNLL, LLNN, and NLLN .com domains:

Yes, 4L .net domains are still holding strong sales in auctions:

For those .org and .co fans, 2 domains:

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.