The Person Behind the Sake Bottle and Cup Emoji Domain

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That’s a quote we’ll all spend a lifetime learning to apply and experience in its fullest, until our heart’s content.

I stumbled upon the aforementioned quote simply visiting a few emoji domain websites, specifically 🍶.ws.

After further research, it just so happens that 🍶.ws is a single page website created and owned by William Nathan.

Curious about how William Nathan (a.k.a. Will) discovered emoji domains, I tracked down Will to capture a quick interview amidst his vast responsibilities as founder of Bisbee-based Object Limited (a shoppable hotel), Chairman of The Current Museum (a non-profit institution devoted to empowering art with electricity), and a General Partner at Trail Mix Ventures (investing in early-stage wellness and ‘future of work’ startups).

Little did I realize, Will is a highly-accomplished, self-taught coder that programmed a time machine for General Electric and analytical tools for cat video editors, receiving his humble start as one of the 25 engineers at BuzzFeed.

It wasn’t long after Buzzfeed that his talents lead him and a co-founder to burst on the scene with an interior design startup, Homepolish, which has grown to 75 employees and over a million Instagram followers.

But here’s the kicker: Before all of this, Will received a B.S. in Mathematical Economics and worked as an investment banker in San Francisco, where he worked on $1BN of technology mergers & acquisitions.

What an amazing and winding journey to wealthy success Will has attained as a forward-thinking leader across a number of industries while holding various responsibilities.

It was likely this same forward-thinking approach that lead to his investing in emoji domains, but I’ll allow Will to give you all the details about how he came to discover and learn about emoji domains. Take it away, Will!

KC: When and how did you learn about emoji domain names?

WN: I believe the first time I stumbled upon emoji domain names was perusing an AdWeek article about Coca-Cola’s emoji ad.

It wasn’t too long after this article that I got the idea to create a short script to search all available emoji domains on

Fortunately, the script quickly identified a number of available emoji domains, one of those being sake, which I’ve owned for the last two years and counting.

KC: Have you received inquiries and offers to purchase 🍶.ws or other emoji domains you own?

WN: To my surprise, I have received a few offers for 🍶.ws that I’ve politely declined. There are also inquiries about whether I’m going to further develop the website beyond it’s current landing page quote. For now, I have not plans or time to commit to full develop of 🍶.ws.

KC: Have you purchased 🍶 in other extensions, or considered other extensions when registering emoji domains?

WN: Nope

KC: What are your thoughts as it pertains to 🍶.ws’ annual renewal cost?

WN: Although I own a handful of .ws emoji domains (💻🎨.ws 🖥🎨.ws and 🖼.ws), I consider the costs to be manageable and nominal to keeping renewing annually.

Plus, one reason I’ll keep renewing my current emoji domains is simply seeing the look on people’s faces when they realize that emoji domains exist.

KC: Would you recommend emoji domains to personal and business brands to represent their primary website? If so or if not, then why?

WN: No. Using emoji domains is quite challenging to explain to potential customers, and I believe there’s room for much error and miscommunication.

KC: In your opinion, how do you see emoji domain names impacting how a personal brand or business markets and advertises to reach more people?

WN: It’s too early to say. We’ll have to sit back and see what the future brings.

KC: So, I have one final question for you, Will. It’s the burning question I and my readers want to know, and it is… What was your purpose for purchasing 🍶.ws?

WN: I was anticipating you asking this question. In complete transparency, I purchased 🍶.ws to gift my friend, K.Rae, and her starting a Sake business in the near future.

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, 🍶.ws will likely be used to redirect and market K.Rae’s business once the both the business and website are off the ground.

Until the future arrives as the present…

As Will’s 🍶.ws website quotes, “…Keep Going When All Seems Lost[.]”

And lost I’d still be, wondering who the person was and is behind the 🍶.ws website, and its story, had Will not responded to my inquiry about 🍶.ws.

So, special thanks to Will for giving Kickstart Commerce the inside, emoji-domain scoop pertaining to 🍶.ws.

Thanks, and that’s all for now!

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.