Domain Gems in Expired Auction 01/19/2018

Here’s the next Domain Gems list of buy-it-now (BIN) and closeout domains in expired auction at GoDaddy.

It’s first come, first serve, so decide quickly and soundly.  I wish you success in profitable flips, development, and sales.

Not only are there generic keyword domains, but also included are brandable and geo service domains worth reviewing.

There are more than a few sleepers on this expansive auction list.

Again… it’s first come, first serve!  Review carefully, but do purchase swiftly.

Quick-Pick Domain Auctions Ending Today

As usual, click the domains to view their respective pricing. – I know its not a .com, but still a good domain to develop for an expensive CPC industry. – Likely snowing right now, but still a good domain name to represent a swim club in Colorado. – Yikes, I hope they’re alive!, and – Nice geo service domains to flip as development or redirect domains for a relatively large city in Texas. 😉 – Makes me think go All Things Digital for some reason. – Long 4-word, but still a reasonable domain to brand or flip. – The state of our nation is growing darker as each day passes. I might buy it just because my last name is Brown and I want my own republic. 😀 – Bring them one, bring them all! Bring all your coins to Coins of Texas. Sounds viable… 😀 – Good credible sounding real estate domain to brand. – A geo service domain that says what it does without further explanation. – A decent geo service domain for a relocation company or agency in the Nation’s 4th largest city. – I actually need to quote my insurance to keep’em honest, fair and competitive. – Hopefully not a 3-ring circus either. – Whether making real tabletops or selling ad space on table tops, this is the domain to have if you’re doing it in Texas! 😉 – Didn’t know Iowa was divided!? Hmm… who knew!? – Could represent smartphone, glass, tire, or a number of mobile-centric businesses. (♽.ws) – Recycle emoji domain (🕸🔍.ws) – Short for web search? (🇺🇸⚾.ws) – American baseball

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.