Domain Auctions Ending 4/4/2016

It’s Monday, and the weekend went by so fast. My boys fell ill late Friday evening with a stomach virus and this messed up all of our plans for the weekend.

Nevertheless, I spent a good bit of time doing yard work Saturday, specifically pulling 70 gallons worth of weeds in my front yard alone. I got a two for one with this bit of work, working on my yard and tanning at the same time. 😉

The yard is coming along and still has a way to go.  I’m hoping to build it up, getting it dense and lush with a bit of top soil, turf builder and lots of watering before the Texas heat from hell sets in.

Yard work

In addition, I was able to get a good bit of writing in for this blog and another project I post weekly tutorials for. I also posted new GoDaddy promotion codes.

As for domain investing, I did win a few auctions last week as well as snag a few GoDaddy closeout domains that I’ll start developing this month.

Let’s get down to today’s domain auctions ending. As usual, click domains to view their respective auction detail and data.

Domain Auctions Ending Today – 9 years old with NO bids at time of writing. Excellent name to build newsletter service around a quite large and growing market by the day. – Sounds like a software development company or digital design agency. 4 years old with NO bids at time of writing. – 16 years old with 6 bids. A good two-word domain, and a subject that needs more love and understanding shown. – 6 years old with NO bids at time of writing. Name says it all. PFIZER Canada currently redirects to develop .ca website. – It has vegan in the domain. I expect it to get a few bids. That’s all. 8 years old. NO bids at time of writing. – The Tahoe dentistry market is highly competitive, and a few business are in of a domain upgrade. If you don’t flip, then develop. Read why and how. – Hope it doesn’t involve bullet or knife wounds. 8 years old with NO bids at time of writing. – On the go pedi service? Or maybe a travelers foot rest product. 11 years old and bidding quite high. – Perfect domain for a branding agency or even person selling domain names. 9 years old and NO bids. – They’re not calm. That’s for sure. 16 years old with a $12 bid. – Don’t ask me. I’m only a few years into this thing. 8 years old with NO bids.

Many more domain auctions to keep an eye on:

A mixed basket of auctions here:

A few numeric domains:

4L .net domain auctions still holding strong:

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