Domain Auctions Ending 3/18/2016

It’s Friday and I think you’ll enjoy today’s list.  I can’t believe that we’re almost done with March! Only 1 more Friday to clock and we’re done with March and Q1 of 2016. WOW, that’s fast!

I hope you’ve read, and been somewhat educated, challenge and entertained with my most recent posts. I’ve had a lot of fun researching and completing the writing experience for each. Sit tight as I have a few more thoughts to share coming to a browser near you.

I’ll release one article today, although it is more of a follow up to an older article written some time ago. I decided to share some new thoughts based on YouTube subscribers posing questions.

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That’s all I have today. Onto today’s domain auctions.I had quite a bit of fun with today’s list.  I even included a video for ya! 😉

As usual, click domains to view their respective auction detail and data.

Domain Auctions Ending Today – I think I better go eat something since I started with this domain first. 8 years old with NO bids. – This domain just messed up my appetite thinking about onions. Now, I’m tearing up to cry. Geez… 8 years old with a $12. – Ohhhh…About that chicken… Mmmm… Well, looks like my appetite is back amidst onion tears. – Nothing like cake to finish off this nonsense. Here we go… Ice cream and cake and cake… ugh, Baskin Robbins commercial. Nevertheless, great domain to brand if you’re a cake gal. 5 years old with NO bids.

Having too much fun for a Friday!  Now back to your regularly scheduled domain auction list… – Annual summer jazz festival held in Telluride, CO that currently uses matching .org as its digital presence. 17 years old with 11 bids. – 4 year old waiting for a DC native with an eye for fashion to develop this into an empire. – Maybe you can turn this domain into a formidable opponent for J’s Everyday Fashion. Good luck with making it happen, because she’s a fierce fashion lady on the rise! – Can you see the pattern in this numeric domain? Amazingly, this 7N .com domain has no bids. I doubt it’s going to remain like this for long. – If you’re a practicing photographer whose speciality is delivery and birth pics, then you’ll want this domain for sure. No bids at the time of writing for this 16 year old domain. – If you still believe in the power of spun articles, then build away on this 9 year old domain. And yes, folks still spin articles in 2016. – Another 7N that caught my eye because of the lucky 7’s pattern at the end. Wonder if the last four numbers translates to “you’ll die and get lucky” or “you’ll die and be lucky”? May be the reason it has no bids. – You’ll have to bid against me on this domain, and I’m ready to take it as high as I need it. It’s Friday and I don’t care!!! I’m winning. I almost didn’t put it on the list, but that wouldn’t be fair. 6 years old and no bids at time of writing. – Seems like a safe play to take kids. I’m sure there are enough moonwalk and jump house companies to brand this 4 year old gem of a domain. – 17 years old with a $10 bid. Short for living will and testament. Typically, it’s last will and testament. – Better get Derek Jeter on the phone or send him an email about this 4-year old domain complementing his media platform.

More domain auctions to keep an eye throughout today:

What a mixed bag of domains we have here:

I’m in the business of numeric domain auctions this day:

Daily 4L .net domain auctions are like clockwork:

5L and 6L .com domains trying to hold their own in the auction today:

4L .net domains are popular, but not as value as 4L .com domains:

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