Domain Auctions Ending 1/29/2016

Happy Friday!  I’m super excited today as I’ve got a lot to do in a short amount of time today.  I’ve got a few things to cover today…. so let’s get started.

The world, especially the domaining world, wants to know if anybody has seen or heard from Adam Dicker.

First off, looks like the Adam Dicker saga continues.  Konstantinos, owns and operates, posted a follow article to his original post surrounding Adam Dicker and him owing many people hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you haven’t  heard to read, then head over to NamePros when you have at least 3 hours to spare to read the nearly 130+ pages of 2015’s biggest domain scandal.  If you’re new to domaining or haven’t heard, please do read.

Is Rightside taking an exit stage left in their most recent announcement?

Next, I read an interesting article posted by Michael Gilmour explaining his thoughts around the most recent news of Rightside laying off nearly 6% of its workforce.  If your not familiar with Rightside, then perhaps you’re familiar with their brands: enom,, NameJet and RightsideRegistry.

The latter, the RightsideRegistry, is causing a bit of heartache for Rightside as it was believed that the registry would grow to become a considerable amount of revenue.  Well, that hasn’t happened, and it doesn’t look like its going to turn the corner anytime soon for Rightside.  Do read Michael’s take on Rightside as it’s very insightful.

Those two things are at the top of my mind for today other than domain auctions, of course.  Speaking of domains, here’s today’s auctions ending soon and very soon.  As usual, click the domains to view their respective auction details.

Domain Auctions Ending Today – 17 years old with 1 bid. Get your postcard design on. Maybe sell designs or even allow for custom designs. Either way, a great name. – If you’re in Indonesia and specialize in SEO, this is the domain for your business. 9 years old with 3 bids. – I think some would say that YouTube is the very essence of this domain. Then again, it makes for the perfect domain to teach the ins and outs of 21 years old and very popular auction. – Are we lifting or pumping weights in a race? Then again, they might call this race 10 years old with NO bids. – 13 years old with 1 bid. Sounds like a physical or virtual product that already exists. So, what’s makes it magical? – Orange County Pawn. Plain and simple. There are probably other words that could make up the “oc”, but those were the first to come to mind. 7 years old with 1 bid. – Perfect jewelry for saying goodbye when you have a leave that special someone. Nice little brand name. 7 years old with NO bids. – A universe for nothing but jeans. No matter the size, style, brand, or color, turn this domain in a profitable jean company. 8 years old with 1 bid. – Could have easily been a domain Craigslist could have branded. Oh well, you now have your chance with this domain to do that and more… 15 years old with 16 bids. – A website dedicated to helping our little leaders of tomorrow starting reading today. Heck, I gave a tagline too. 12 years old with 6 bids. – 8 years old with NO bids, but I have a feeling this domain might be very valuable in years and decades to come. – Popular auction for this 20 year old domain. All I’m saying is whatever training is being presented better work if you use this domain to brand your product/service. – And I thought Scentsy had this market covered. If not, then you will using this domain name, and hopefully you’ll be quite profitable since it’s upscale. 9 years old with NO bids. – Could be taxes, invoices, quotes, receipts or whatever else that can be filed. 12 years old with 1 bid.

A long list of .com domains to brand, including a few .net domains:

If you into .net and .com numeric domains:

A mixed bag of .com domains:

A few 4L, 5L and 6L .com domains:

Last but not least, 4L .net domains are still on FIRE:

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