Okay, I just couldn’t help myself and posting a domain auctions list one day earlier than I should have.  Vacation 2016 officially doesn’t end until Wed at 11:59pm.  I couldn’t say away any longer.  I did go (trying to get some sympathy). 😉

Vacation 2016 has been nice, although it did not turn out to be spent the way we thought it would be due to the Zika virus outbreak across South America.

Nevertheless, my wife and I had a grand time “staycation” here in Austin, sleeping in, living without a schedule to adhere to, shopping and taking in a few movies, dating like we were single with no responsibilities, and missing our boys the entire time.  We longed for a vacation for just the two of us, and then we both ended up missing the boys to no end.  It’s funny how that happens…

All in all, I’m so glad I got to spend quality time with my beautiful wife even if we did miss the boys quite a bit.  This should be the last time I’ll take a long break before our daughter is born in July.    Then, you’ll be on your own for a week or so until we get things sorted out at the House of Brown. 🙂

In other news, I hope you enjoyed the daily posts that took the place of the daily domain auctions ending posts.  I hope you the content to be informative as well as getting a glimpse into how I view domains and their value.

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Lastly, let’s get down to business with domain auctions ending today.  As usual, click the domains to view their respective auction details.

Domain Auctions Ending Today

StepperWorld.com – I guess the perfect domain to sell high school drill team or steppers gear. Could be about dancing or “stepping”. 16 years old with 11 bids. Pretty popular auction.

FormMaster.com – Is it you that has developed an easy way to create forms to add to websites? Here’s your domain… 17 years old.

FitnessAbs.com – I had a six pack at one point in time. Too bad the six pack did a magic trick and made by six pack disappear. Know what I’m saying? 7 years old with 1 bid.

FurnitureFire.com – Hot moving furniture site or a deals site for furniture. 17 years old with NO bids.

PowerUpServer.com – Decent name for a monitoring or maintenance product. 10 years old with 1 bid.

DoorwayToSuccess.com – Door number 1 or 2? Either way, this is what many are in search of on a daily. 17 years old with 1 bid.

Investment.cc – Although I like “invest” and “investing”, and wish it were a .com, I think this domain is worth grabbing. I might jump in with a bid. 9 years old with ONLY 1 bid at the time of writing.

CheapFreightRates.com – Just rolls right off the tongue. Maybe sell to a regional or national shipping company??? 8 years old. 1 bid.

Cyberlinkers.com – I keep thinking of an SEO service or agency that’ll own this domain. 11 years old with 1 bid.

CosmoBride.com – 9 years old with 1 bid. “Cosmo” makes me think if the drink and Sex in the City, while I think becoming a “Bride” was the crux of the same show. I promise I never watched, and if I did, then it was to keep my wife and life happy. *wink, wink*

RealTimeFinancials.com – Sounds like a tracking and reporting software. I could also see it as a personal blog too. It lends itself to a variety of projects to develop. 16 years old with NO bids at the time of this writing.

SpecialOrderFlowers.com – Long, but it says exact what’s going down using this domain. Send a rare bouquet of flowers to that special someone. 7 years old with 2 bids.

AdobeProperties.com – A domain made for a real estate agent or agency that focuses on selling properties attaining a Southwest flare. I almost didn’t write about this one. I was thinking of Adobe the software company and the possible infringement case that could happen. 17 years old. 1 bid.

GolfMVP.com – PGAMVP.com is a more valuable domain, but GolfMVP.com is a close runner up. It’s generic for sure and shouldn’t have any UDRP or WIPO issues. 17 years old with NO BIDS at the time of this writing.

KidsMagicShows.com – Can you make the kids disappear too? Wait, did I just say, rather type that out loud!? Yikes… 16 years old with 0 bids.

TransportTechnology.com – A bit long, but could prove be beneficial in explaining our next mode of transportation: hyperloop pods or hydroloop pods. Check out 512hyperloop.com, the future of travel…

Just a few .com names I thought could be branded in any manner you please:


Nothing to see here but a few 5L and 6L .com domains:


Not sure why these move, but my guess would be that they are perfect model names for cars (maybe?):


A numeric and letter mixed bag of .com domains for your choosing:


Can’t forget the 4L .net domains:


Written by Alvin Brown
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