Domain Auctions Ending 12/19/2015

For those of you wanting a bit more domain insight amidst the various SEO tricks and tips, I’m including a list of domains that are expiring in auction today (and will do so from time to time, primarily once a week to start). All domains are without a reserve and available for purchase. And full disclosure, none of the domains are currently nor have they ever been owned by me.

In addition, it may be surprising to view the list of domains below and see short .net domains increasing in price. The driving force behind this .com, .net, .cc and .cn phenomenon is China. China is investing tens of millions of dollars in 3 and 4 character domain names (more detail on this tomorrow).

Nevertheless, the next two weeks are likely to be fairly quiet in the US due to Christmas holiday. But if you’re into domains and want to snap up some amazing deals, then I suggest you not checkout over the next two weeks. Stay engaged and be on the lookout for some incredible domain auction steals.

Okay, take a look at today’s domains below, and don’t forget to click the domain to view current auction pricing. – I bet you didn’t think a 4-character .net domain could ever garner such a price. Welcome to the new normal for now. – Whatever you do, be sure that you have your id wherever you go. This domain will rise in price faster than you can blink. It’s moderately price at $25 at the current moment I’m writing this. – Currently $12, Chinese investors are buying short 3 and 4 character .com and .net domains like it’s 1999 (sorry, couldn’t resist). – It may appear odd to purchase a domain like this, but there’s a bull market for numeric domains in China right now. This domain is $23 at the time I’m writing this post, but it’s sure to skyrocket. – Yet another .net that’s comprised of all consonants. This domain is gold in China (if not worth more). – A decent domain that uses 8 and consonants although it would be great if it were m88 or 88mt. Nevertheless, the more 8’s involved, the more value. – Not as valuable as the previous domain, but it can carry it’s own. Currently $12 at the time I’m writing this post. – Well, it’s certain that we don’t want a fake spa. That’s for sure. 😉 – yet another really short domain with an 8. Yeah, yeah… I know it’s a .net domain, but have you seen the prices for .net domains this short lately? – If you’re wondering how this domain could make the list, I suggest you learn a bit about roman numerals. This domain is likely to cause a bidding frenzy. – This is a decent consonant 4-character .net domain that could to prove to be valuable. Only time will tell. – If you live in Dallas/Fort Worth and operate a hail repair business, then don’t let this domain slip by you. – Yet another flaming hot short .net domain well on it’s way.

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.