Domain Auctions Ending 1/11/2016

It’s Monday again, and I’m certain that EVERYONE is back at work.  I’ll do a bit of travel this week, which should make for a quick week.

Now that I think about the opening sentence, not everyone is at work.  There are a few hundred persons in Las Vegas having the time of their life at  Today is the third day of the conference, and it’ll be a big day with Right of the Dot’s Domain Name Auction.

To keep up with all Namescon updates and domaining in general, you’ll want to pay close attention to Domaining and DNJournal, as well as social media. That’s about it for this week.

Let’s get down to business with domain auctions ending today.  As usual, click the domain to view their respective auction details.

Domain Auctions Ending Today – I love some good ole’ salsa, at least my mind does. My body, it’ll tell me something different. 11 years old. 1 bid @ $10. – There’s a lotta money floating around in the Airlines industry when it comes to leasing planes. If not the Airlines industry, this is a great domain to brand. 11 years old with NO bids. – If your business is websites and you live serve the Long Island area, then you should bid this domain up. 17 years old. 1 bid at $12. – Kevin Hart ought to own this domain, or anyone named Kevin. This domain reminds me of former K104 host Kevy Kev. 7 years old with 1 bid at $12. – Made me think of the term data driven. Nerds do love their input and data. 3 bids at $25. 5 years old. – 1 bid at $10. 11 years old. Sounds like a casino boat somewhere close to Biloxi, MS. – Name says it all. Get your power lift and learn on in this academy. 7 years old. 1 bid. – Sounds like a another beauty product to ward off the ugly. I wouldn’t know anything about it though. 6 years old. 1 bid. – If you’re fun photographer that loves making fun portraits happen, then bid and brand this domain. 12 years old with NO bids at the time of this writing. – This domain sure doesn’t have my name on it. A great domain for a cook to brand. 15 years old with NO bids. – This is job for those who live dangerously. Good domain for a local or national brand. 6 years old with 1 bid at $12. – The year of the drone, rather the years of the drone. Great name to brand. Bidders must think so too with 21 bids so far. – This is not a run of the mill cloud domain for sure. 12 years old. – Great domain to brand for a printing company. 15 years old with NO bids at the time of this writing. – Churches want peeps to attend their events. This is the domain to post such events. I *might* bid on this domain. I’ll see what things look like the day of auction. – You’ll be late to the game, but this is a domain for a site with lessons about CSS. Just that easy. 11 years old with NO bids. – Tippity tap, tippity tap… this domain is for a tap dance academy. Then again, I guess it could be beverage taps. Either one, still a good name to brand… 10 years old with 1 bid.

A few .com domains to brand how you want too:

Didn’t spend too much time search for 4L .com domains, but saw the following at a glance:

We’re not short on 5L .com domains today:

And only two 4L .net domains today:

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