Domain Gems in Expired Auction 5/12/2018

Here’s the next Domain Gems list of buy-it-now (BIN) and closeout domains in expired auction at GoDaddy.

It’s first come, first serve, so decide quickly and soundly.  I wish you success in profitable flips, development, and sales.

Not only are there generic keyword domains, but also included are brandable and geo service domains worth reviewing.

There are more than a few sleepers on this expansive auction list.

Again… it’s first come, first serve!  Review carefully, but do purchase swiftly.

Quick-Pick Domain Gems Ending Auction Today

As usual, click the domains to view their respective pricing.

A handful of  4-L .NET domains to consider:,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and – Short for Clients User Experience? – Share wisdom and insight for how to become a consistent blogger. – Short for Skin Cream Headquarters? – Not a .com, but a reasonable 2-word domain to consider branding for a document synchronization product or service. and – Good little domains if building barns in Texas is your thing! and – Sounds like a car service brand based in Austin that only transports using black sedans. Too easy! – Good brandable domain for an insulation company based in Houston, maybe? – Reminds me of good ole’ Sherman, Texas. – A name that says exactly what it provides, even if a .org domain. – Good name for a staffing company. – Wonder where Zag and ZigZag are? 😀 – Would like this domain more without “company”, but still a good generic, geo service domain to brand or use as a redirect. – Decent domain to brand for a fast-growing city and one that’s comparable to – Credible name for a recording brand. – Not a .com, but .cc could be seen as “cycling club”. 😉 – A good domain brand for personal finance or broad finance website. – Put together a website with a list of brunch opportunities. – Although app developers don’t tend to focus on a city or region, this is a great opportunity to brand an abbreviated geo service domain for an app developer or company based in the techtropolis of Austin, Texas. – Sounds like a reputable domain and brand for a healthcare services company or provider. – Like the plural better than this singular, but it’s valuable enough to be developed and simply redirected. – Good brandable domain for an automation company based in Ohio, maybe?

A few good church names –,,,, and – Domain worth branding for a real estate agency, agent or broker.

HoustonBeautyProducts.comBeauty products are a big deal, especially in the nation’s 4th largest city: Houston. – Short for Safety Wear Headquarters? – Tornado and Hurricane Seasons are here, and so is the hail damage that can accompany both. – Like the plural better, but this domain works too. or – Brand or use as simple redirects. – Nice geo for SEO company based in Richardson, Texas. – Sure, it’s not a, but it’s valuable enough to be a developed brand for sure.

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.