Domain Auctions Ending 2/20/2016

Most of you are probably sleeping in.  It’s yet another day for the early bird to win the domain auction.

On a personal note, yesterday was a bit of shock in finding out that a friend, 20 years old than me, of mine had a heart attack.  He had just come off a road trip and made it home, and then the unfortunate event took place.  Talk about re-prioritizing life and the things of this world.  My prayers are with him and his family for a speedy recovery and a transformed lifestyle of healthy living moving forward.  We only get one life and body to take care of.  Let’s make the best of it.

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Last but not least, don’t forget to click the domains to view their respective auction details.

Domain Auctions Ending Today – 15 years old with 1 bid. It’s been a while since a bail bonds domain caught my eye, but this one did. There are roughly 472K results for the term, per Google. – Sounds like an injury attorney or an ambulance chaser. 13 years old with 12 bids and counting. – 16 years old with NO bids. It seems like I’ve seen this national brand rolling around Austin for some reason. Maybe not. Either way, Spring is coming and bugs will need to be blasted as flowers bloom. – Sounds like an order and delivery type of service. Meals on wheels… to bad, it’s in use. 10 years old with 1 bid. – There are numerous entities use the name “Casa”, but specifically there is one in Arizona ( 18 years old with 11 bids. – Ever seen the movie Hitch? 16 years old with 1 bid. – There is a six pack under there somewhere is how the saying goes. In most cases, it’s a downed six pack not under but in. 😉 7years old with 1 bid. – Makes me think of Volkswagen although I’m certain there’s a auto sales group or sales group in general with the VW initials. 14 years old with NO bid. – Nice little domain to brand with spring and gardening rolling around. 11 years old with NO bids. – Not a big .net fan, but I do like to invest in one word domains when I get the chance. I’ll be in on this one for sure. 16 years old. – I see a website like Pat Flynn’s, but for flights. 14 years old with 1 bid. – Somebody in Pittsburg knows a little something about buying, selling, and collecting antiques. There has to be at least one person. 16 years old with 1 bid. – There are a handful of police supply companies located in Miami, Florida. That’s just one city, we haven’t mentioned Oklahoma or Ohio, or any other Miami I’m missing or not including. 17 years old. – First things first: Safety first! 16 years old with NO bids. – Not too many people can claim this status. Might as well have the domain to go with it. 16 years old. – I never noticed needing a pillow when camping. Maybe that’s why I woke up stiff in the neck the next morning. 15 years old with 1 bid.

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Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.