The Week In Review for Emoji Domains Ending 4/7/2018

Welcome back to the latest The Week in Review for Emoji Domains.

It’s been quiet on the emoji domain sales front the last couple of months. Per DNAcademy, the last big emoji domain sale closed December 16th, 2017 at $3.1K — 😎.ws.

But from the looks of the latest action this week, emoji domain sales may have sprung to life! 🤩


EmojiDomainsWS sells 3 emoji domains for $5.5K 💸

EmojiDomainsWS sells 3 emoji domains for $5.5KBased on sleuthing Twitter, I discovered possibly 3 emoji domain sales for nearly $5.5K. EmojiDomainsWS states it helped sell/broker the following 3 .WS emoji domains:

  • 🦈.ws $1800
  • 🦉.ws $1600
  • 🦆.ws $1160

Again, these sales are yet to be reported as final, but congrats to EmojiDomainsWS!!! Should  aforementioned emoji domain sales be confirmed, this gets single .WS emoji domains back on track while .TO and other ccTLDs remain silent for now.

Quick Access Emoji Keyword Coming to a Browser Near You ⌨

Google Chrome Adding Fast Emoji Shortcut on Mac, Windows, Chrome OSGoogle Chrome recently testing a new emoji right-click shortcut to make adding emoji on desktop easier via Chrome Canary.

This is certainly a welcomed addition for emoji as they work to streamline emoji accessibility across major browsers, operating systems, and devices.

Although this feature has yet to make it the public version of Chrome, it’s great news for emoji users and emoji domain investors of what is to come.

Proposals for New Accessibility Emoji for Unicode Version 12 👏

 Apple Proposes New Accessibility Emoji to Represent People with DisabilitiesAnd speaking of accessibility, I was ecstatic to discover Apple has proposed 13 new emoji for Unicode Version 12.

In short, Apple, as well as many others, hopes for the Unicode Consortium to adopt proposed emoji representing people with disabilities and epic accessibility-related tools.

Although not a comprehensive list of proposed emoji, the following were submitted for review by Apple:

  • Ear with hearing aid
  • Woman in wheelchair
  • Woman in motorized wheelchair
  • Man in wheelchair
  • Man in motorized wheelchair
  • Deaf man pointing to ear
  • Deaf woman pointing to ear
  • Blind man walking
  • Blind woman walking
  • Prostethic Leg
  • Prostethic Arm
  • Guide Dog
  • Service Dog

I love Apple has considered people who experience blindness or low-vision, deafness or trouble hearing, physical disabilities and those with hidden disabilities such as Autism, anxiety, and PTSD.

Again, it’s not a comprehensive, but serves as a great starting point for inclusivity. The next step is for approval or disapproval by the Unicode Technical Committee.

If approved by Unicode, then new emoji characters would be shortlisted for Unicode Version 12 — currently scheduled to be released March 19th (mark those calendars!).

How an online chatbot promotes its business using both .ws and .to emoji domains 📘

Last but not least, I conducted and published an interview last week about a business that simplifies textbook transactions for students, whether buying, selling, swapping, renting: Shooq.

I’ll spare you the details here, but it was good to discover 💙📖.ws and 📘.to being put to good use by a forward-thinking company.

Do take a moment to read how Shooq is using emoji domains, ccTLDs, and new TLDs to promote a thriving business to demystify the buying and selling of textbooks.

Final Thoughts for The Week in Review for Emoji Domains

Based on this past week’s news, I would say things are looking up for emoji domains, especially when considering single .WS emoji domains.

As always, I hope you find this coverage to be informative and beneficial for sound emoji domain investing strategies and insight.

Oh yes, before I sign off… i❤.ws Now Searches .FM and .WS Emoji Domains!

Thanks and that’s all for now.

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Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.