Protecting Your Domain Portfolio Against Taxes, Death, Divorce, Partnerships and More with Michael Gargiulo

Protecting Your Domain Portfolio Against Taxes, Death, Divorce, Partnerships and More with Michael Gargiulo

The struggle is real when it comes to the buying and selling of domain names. Domain investing and development, neither one is for the faint of heart.

Domain investing has become highly competitively over the last 3 or so years — expiring domain auctions, especially with COVID putting tight clamps on gambling, a thriving industry, pushing a large number of the population into alternative investments — stock market and domain name investing.

While increased competition is one thing, there are a number of threats lurking to wipe out a domain investors portfolio and legacy as the domain industry matures.

In a recent podcast, I sat down with Michael Gargiulo, a long-time domain investor and developer, and serial entrepreneur.

Michael Gargiulo - Domain Investor | Domain Broker | Owner of VPNYou may recall Michael’s name from a Domain Sherpa interview where he shared his experience and all the why’s behind the multi-million dollar purchase and development of — a company dedicated to helping users find the right VPN for their needs by comparing over 1000 providers.

As a quick backstory, today’s podcast is a follow up conversation to a NamesCon 2020 session, Your Portfolio Never Dies: Estate Planning for Domain Investors.

In this one-hour panel discussion, which is published and available for your viewing pleasure on the Kickstart Commerce YouTube channel, Michael and other panelists shared their thoughts and experiences on domain estate planning — a critical topic that’s gaining in momentum as the industry and industry professionals mature in age.

Tune in as Michael and I dive deep into discussing specifically how domain investors should position themselves and their portfolio to guard against the winds of taxes, death, divorce, failed partnerships and more.

Michael shares great insight as well as a good tax tips for domain depreciation and estate pitfalls concerning domains. Hit play, takes notes, and enjoy the journey!

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.