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Websites generating greater customer growth and revenue.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Last week I was reminded that one of my many websites was not secure when visiting it from phone.

Fortunately, this website is used for personal development purposes and not a customer-facing website.

Nevertheless, it was alarming to see the url or address bar of the web browser display in bright red lettering: Website Not Secure. Continue reading

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Last month I introduced readers to a WordPress plugin, Popular Posts, that is one of the best kept secrets to boosting search rankings while lowering a website’s bounce rate.

In addition, I revealed the Popular Posts plugin was developed and designed to help website owners and operators gain clarity in regards to the most popular website content.

But it’s not the use of this plugin alone or the one to be introduced shortly that will boost search rankings and lower website bounce rate. Continue reading

Reading Time: 2 minutes

A few days ago while watching and listening to DomainSherpa’s interview of Rand Fishkin about understanding Domains through the filter of SEO and Marketing, I made an interesting discovery about one of my domains.

I was checking traffic sources for KickstartCommerce.com via Google Analytics (GA), and noticed an expired domain I purchased a few months ago was registering a large sum of redirect traffic to KickstartCommerce.com. Continue reading

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Have you ever wondered how mobile friendly a website or a web page truly is?

Perhaps you have concerns or considerations about your own website or maybe a competitor’s website being mobile friendly.

If you haven’t heard, having a mobile friendly website is a bonafide search ranking factor to give great thought and weight too, knowing Google’s upcoming algorithm change (scheduled for July 2018).

In short, if your website or web page loads slower than a postal service, then future search rankings are going to suffer, if you’re even ranked at all. 😳  So, how does one protect future search rankings? Continue reading

Reading Time: 8 minutes

About a year or so ago, emoji domains were not red, but white hot and well on their way as a “riches in the niches” phenomenon.

But as with everything in life, it’s good to stop, assess and take inventory from time to time in an effort to understand how much progress has or has not been made.

Today is no different as I’ll share with you a list of companies and personal brands, and respective emoji domains and status as of this same time last year juxtaposed to present day status. Continue reading

Reading Time: 1 minute

There’s not too many people would quit or forgo business school or college to immediately start a business.

But today’s guest, Marianna Felsman, did just that decades ago on her way to becoming partner and entrepreneur of BlueAir, a thriving Austin-based Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) services company. Continue reading

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