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Amidst its recent auction bidding scandal, I discovered, effective immediately, GoDaddy has stop selling .EU domain names to customers with a UK registrant contact on their domain name.

Of course, this action relates to Brexit — United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union — and primarily customers with GoDaddy registrations presiding in the UK.

Per GoDaddy’s help page covering this story, domain registrants are offered two options: Continue reading

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Another “shill bidding, insider information” case took to the domain air waves yesterday evening as GoDaddy went public to air its firing of an employee participating in domain auctions.

Paul Nicks, VP and GM if the Aftermarket at GoDaddy, shared that a GoDaddy customer made “serious allegations” about the collusion of multiple employees in domain auctions.

From reading the article, it certainly appears that GoDaddy took swift action to precisely investigate the matter brought to their attention on March 11th. Continue reading

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Technology to build and develop websites has journeyed quite a ways in the last 30 or more years, yet still has a way to go. Where will websites venture next? No one knows.

But no matter the technology behind the website, the one constant most website operators desire is the ability to keep their website content fresh and relevant, while maintaining the flexibility and fluidity to keep content dynamic in nature.

One of the most neglected elements of most websites is the lonely sidebar. Most websites will update their sidebars sparingly with a new product, lead magnet, or newsletter sign up just beneath the search bar, recent posts or trending posts.

And while many focus on cranking out new content in hopes of “striking it rich” to secure the top spot on page one of Google, there are a number of websites cleverly using their sides bars to display or hide content based on tag, category, post or page type, archive and the list goes on.

While many know that WordPress offers a widgets area to create and modify a static sidebar, what many don’t know is that WordPress offers the ability to use create and use dynamic content sidebars. Continue reading

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Should domain investors seriously consider “sweet spot” domain investing as a viable strategy?

This very came came to mind as I watched, listened, and reviewed Paul Nicks’ — Vice President, Aftermarket at GoDaddy — NamesCon keynote: Domain Trends & Insights. Continue reading

Reading Time: 1 minute

Yup, it’s the second week of the month and you know what time it is, right? That’s right! It’s time for Verisign’s Top Trending Keywords Report.

Moments ago, Verisign published to its blog February’s trending keywords registered for .com and .net domains.

This month’s list of keywords is interesting, to say the least. Continue reading

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