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Digital strategies generating customer growth and revenue.

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5 years after the last T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Conference, Rick Schwartz is back at it again with the 1st annual Asheville domain investing meetup held at the historic Grove Park Inn nestled away in the sleep-hollow town of Asheville, North Carolina.

With the holy grail of the conferences for domain investing industry is NamesCon, Schwartz took a chance to establish and facilitate a small gathering of domain investors to connect, share, and do business with one another.

In fact, Dr. Gregg McNair literally communicated the same thoughts — a smaller event with limited registration for a Who’s Who of Domain Investing at a higher admission cost — almost a year ago during MERGE! (now defunct).

So, in addition to ~80 fellow domain investors, I jumped at the opportunity to pay and book tickets, travel, and lodging to attend this event the very moment Schwartz went live with ticket registration. Continue reading

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Everyone and their grandmother, if not great-grandmother by now, use emoji — billions daily in collective use — to communicate a multitude of thoughts and expressions daily.

Whether by email, text, chat, clothing, or billboards, emoji marketing has nearly touched every possible form of communication, including domain names.

From Apple to Taco Bell to Domino’s to name a few, a growing number of brands are committing more and more marketing and advertising dollars to the use of emoji marketing.

One of the most recent announcements for brands entering the emoji marketing space with their own branded emoji — the pickup truck — is Ford Motor Company. Continue reading

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