💣 Nearly 1,900 Emoji Domains Expire Next Week 🤯

Based on emoji domain activity last month and the final few months of 2017, things are shaping up to be an interesting year in 2018 for emoji domains, especially expiring auctions.

Based on current activity, it appears someone or many person(s) are cutting bait and exiting the emoji domain stage based on my most recent expiring emoji domain findings.

It’s been a little over a month since I reported the last big wave of emoji domains in expiring auction.  Since starting to report expiring emoji domain auctions in early December 2017, each week I check the number of expiring emoji domains via GoDaddy’s Aftermarket platform.

Surprisingly, I discovered next week happens to be the largest number of emoji domains in expiring auction with nearly 1,900 emoji domains expiring.  As of this writing, there are approximately 1,890 expiring emoji domain auctions set to expire next week, having the following daily auction distribution and breakdown:

Over 60% of emoji domain auctions set to expire next week occur on Friday and Saturday. So, if emoji domains are your thing, then be sure to set calendar reminders. 😉

As for what’s expiring, it appears the Grinch has come to reap a harvest of interesting emoji domain combinations not being renewed by their previous owners.

A large number of the combinations I’ll never truly understand their usage or what they could represent. I’m left scratching my head at why someone would have registered their chosen combination(s). 🤯

Although I reviewed the complete list of emoji domains expiring next week, I didn’t create an exhaustive list. Feel free to watch for my daily emoji domain auction listings where I will list ALL expiring emoji domains daily.

There were a handful or so that caught my eye (see below). I feel they could do well representing the following:

Local businesses
Corporate and Personal brands
Religious organizations
Car makers and dealers
Sports and Gaming
Music and Entertainment

Seeing this is the largest wave of emoji domains to expire makes for interesting times ahead. The last count for registered .WS emoji domain registrations was a guess of 13,000, but I would likely guess that amount is now around 8-9K. That’s not the gospel truth, but the “guesspel” truth. 😉

It’ll be interesting to discover which expiring emoji domains fetch bids (if any), and at what price points. My recommendations for those looking to get into emoji domains is to focus on securing single emoji domains.

This week’s brokering announcement of ☁.com is to likely generate greater exposure for single emoji domains, especially .WS emoji domains should ☁.com sale close for more than the $13.6K it last fetched.

Nevertheless, if interested in bidding on any of the emoji domains names below, then copy and paste the emoji into Punycoder.com to retrieve its respective puny code address.

In closing and as always, please perform your own due diligence to limit risk, yet increase the likelihood of realizing a sound domain invest.

Expiring 2/18/2018


Expiring 2/19/2018


Expiring 2/21/2018


Expiring 2/22/2018


Expiring 2/23/2018


Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.