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Digital strategies for greater customer growth and revenue
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One of the easiest marketing tactics to outsource that provides your business with exponential upside is social media.

If you don’t plan on sharing, posting, tweeting, liking, loving and more every waking minute of your business day and life (i.e., 24/7/365), then allow me to be your social media partner.

One post or tweet here and there every few months is not going to do much in an abyss of growing noise across a multitude of social networks.

Allow me to be your business’ consistent social voice to provide the following:

  • Curation of the highest quality of content
  • Actively engage and grow your reader audience
  • Increase search rankings, web traffic and social awareness

What social media services can I provide you?

Not only do I share your content socially, but I find relevant content pertaining to your business that your readers benefit from.  

In addition, I can provide you business the following services:

  • Social network management in approving, declining and engaging audiences
  • Social event promotions
  • Create and manage social posting calendar
  • Personalized significant event greetings (e.g. birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)
  • Automating blog content across multiple social networks
  • Image research, creation and sharing
  • Curating relevant content
  • YouTube video creation and management
  • Survey and poll management
  • Profile brand management (make sure all social networks designed/look uniform)
  • Personalized thank-yous to new followers
  • Social Interaction management (i.e. commenting, retweeting, sharing and interacting with engaged interest)

Stop losing valuable opportunities to grow your business and its social reach by partnering with a professional with the social and technology prowess to deliver tangible results.

Let me do what I do best to help you do what you do best!  Deal?  Then email me, and let’s get started today!

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