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Digital strategies for greater customer growth and revenue
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Domain sales and leasing made affordable for you.

At Kickstart Commerce, we offer your company a chance to purchase or lease prime virtual real estate.

We provide a variety of domain options to give your business the opportunity to consistently thrive, and generate greater customer growth and revenue.

From buying to selling to renting, leasing, or leasing to own, we can assist you in finding the perfect domain for your business and at an affordable rate.

Typical domain leasing services pricing can be as low as $99 and as high as $5,000 based on the type of business or industry the chosen generic or exact match domain aligns too.

We thoroughly vet every business that applies to lease our domains as we want to ensure the success of the business to build a long standing brand as well as protect our valued-asset from improper or illegal use and development.

Our domain sales & leasing services offer your business an exclusive, strict legal agreement adhering to the following but not limited too:

  • Limited search engine optimization (SEO), marketing, content development
  • No cash only purchases
  • No month-to-month leases, leasing starting at 3 year minimum with 5, 10 and 20 year leases available
  • Non-refundable security deposit with deposits starting as low as $250.
  • Cash option and lease-to-purchase options are available after initial contract term has been met

*Most sales and lease options will utilize the services of Escrow.com, Payoneer.com, eCop.com, DomainAgents.com and lessee agrees to pay the fees for lease options.

Contact us to apply or inquire about domain sales and leasing.


Why should I lease a domain name when I want complete ownership?

Leasing assets is nothing new under the sun.  From cars to buildings to space and even people, leasing becomes an attractive option for a number of reasons, depending upon who you are and your short and long-term needs.

Lease a premium domain name today.The same can be stated for those looking for premium domain names that are very rare, expensive and scarce in terms of obtaining outright ownership.

Only a select group of companies own premium domain names.

Domain names have been a common foundation of the Internet since its conception.

And over time, domain name values have skyrocketed to incredible levels, ranging in the hundreds of thousands and millions.

Today, domain names, especially generic or keyword .com domains, have become to the internet what physical property has become to real estate.

And much like leasing a lucrative building or land in a highly-trafficked location to build your business, the same can be accomplished leasing domain names when it’s too expensive buy the asset outright.

Learn Why You Should Lease When Unable to Buy a Premium Domain Name


Get serious about your business’ digital presence before the competition does

Increase customers and revenue using domain leasing services.Why not be the lucky person or business commanding market share over the competition?

Lease a premium domain name until your business is in a financially stable position to purchase outright.

If you don’t, your competition will gladly step up to lay claim to the prize possession, a premium domain name, while taking your customers and their business to the next level.

Is this the ending you want to allow to happen after working so hard, pouring your sweat, blood, and tears into, to make a name for yourself and business?

If not, then step forward today and lease your way to more customers and revenue, claiming your premium domain name. Who will get there first, you or the competition?

Learn secrets your competition wish they knew about premium domain names


Still have questions or not sure about domain sales and leasing?

Then read and learn about domain leasing considerations your business should account for when domain leasing.


Contact us to apply or inquire about domain sales and leasing.



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