Increase Web Traffic and Social Reach Scheduling Social Network Posts

It’s been a while and I’ve been quite busy, but I’m back with more great content today.

Whether potential or existing customers, I’m often questioned about how I drive new business opportunities while managing to research, write and share content on a daily basis.

If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, then you know I’m always posting and sharing domain name and search marketing insight.

However, what confuses most persons that follow me, especially on Twitter, is how I manage to tweet the number of times I do in a given day.

Well, today, I’m sharing with you my process, ideas and a special video tutorial of how to schedule your very own social network posts to increase web traffic.

One of the first questions I’m asked is do I hire individuals to tweet and engage on my behalf?

Short answer is no. I could hire others to manage my social networking effort, but i don’t.

However, I do suggest businesses to hire virtual assistants or social media consultants to social network on their behalf.

First and foremost, I recommend business owners and companies to manage, track and measure their own social networking efforts.

You’ll learn a lot about your target audience and customers, having new thoughts and ideas for content and offerings emerge in some cases.

Nevertheless, I realize that a business owner, especially small to medium-sized businesses, doesn’t have the luxury of investing in social media 24/7/365.

After all, someone has to render and fulfill service offerings to the customer, right?

In between my time of servicing and fulfilling domain name and search marketing customer requests, I manage to sneak in a couple of real-time posts and shares, primarily focusing on Twitter.

But when I’m not posting and sharing content, I’m posting and sharing content using a software automation service,

I know there are Buffer and Hootsuite, and they serve the same purpose too as

Being loyal, I choose to use SocialOomph because I’ve been with them and their service since they were in beta mode more than a decade or so ago.

Simply put, I’m able to schedule and post content day after day, hour after hour, every day of the week using SocialOomph.

Whether it’s my own content or other value-add content written by others, I’ve managed to increase my web traffic while growing my social network audiences across many platforms, day or night.

In this tutorial, I explain how to use to schedule social networks posts and increase web traffic doing so. Enjoy!

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.