Not much has changed with the domain name search experience since the early days of the internet.

The process in and of itself is timeless in general. I mean, a person either has a dream or idea about launching a website of some sort, and they visit a domain registrar of their choice to verify domain availability.

If the .com domain is taken (which is highly likely these days), then searchers likely append or prepend words or letters, in some cases they add hyphens or dashes, or get cute with adding or removing an assortment of letters to create a brandable domain.

Nevertheless, searchers spend quite a bit of time searching and hoping their domain of choice is available while using a less than stellar domain name search user experience.

While attending NamesCon 2018, I attended a Tools Talk (Why Searching For A Domain Name Sucks) given by Tony Kim, Chief Marketing Officer of Hexonet, that outlined Hexonet’s three-pronged strategy for transforming the future of the domain name search experience.

Hexonet’s three-pronged strategy deliberately focuses on providing the following as it aims to raise the bar of expectation pertaining to an improved domain name search experience:

  • New Search Technology
  • Easier to Use Service Interfaces
  • Distribute the Technology and Interfaces to Resellers and Partners

Hexonet’s new search technology allows searches to enter and view suggestions within microseconds, even allowing real-time autocomplete results while one types or inputs their domain.

This feature alone changes the domain name search experience quite a bit as most domain registrars still use the ole’ enter and wait methodology that’s been around since the birth of the Internet.  Hexonet also offers a lightening fast bulk search feature that searches up to 1,000 domains.

Another key feature noted is how comprehensive Hexonet’s domain name search experience is when it considering the robust and varying types of domains (i.e., IDNs, ccTLDs, gTLDs, nTLDs, Expired, Premium, Aftermarket, Expiring, Backorder, Preorder, etc.) included and returned when searchers enter a domain to check its availability.

In addition, Hexonet has also included a number of adaptive, contextual, and advanced ranking features to assist in delivering relevant domain suggestions, such as search history, geographic location, word tokenizer, synonyms, keyword sets, and subjects/categories to name a few.

Another item to note is that Hexonet is providing the necessary distribution and integration paths for resellers and partners to configure and customize the Hexonet search technology and interface to their own liking and usage.


Last but not least, Hexonet’s new domain name search experience also features and offers an easy-to-use guided experience to simplify one’s search for a domain.

There’s no need to go and recreate the wheel when someone else has invested time, money, and effort to produce a platform to build and extend upon.

In closing, I’m impressed with what Hexonet has produced, and more impressed with how they’ve successfully transformed and drastically improved the domain name search experience.  They are truly staying, remaining and providing a one-step ahead experience!

For a brief overview and hands-on demonstration of Hexonet’s new domain name search experience, watch the tutorial video. Should you have questions or comments, please leave them just below the video.

Thanks and that’s all for now!

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.