Not too long ago, I published content in regard to the one action that small businesses often fail to take when launching their website.

Hopefully, you took a moment to not only read the post and view the video tutorial, but my hope is that you made and took the time to implement your very own mailing list subscription for your website.

If you didn’t, then go do it now and I mean that (okay, too serious!).

Seriously, if you didn’t execute the mailing list tutorial, you’ll want to today after reading this post.

Today’s post will be a follow-up to the mailing list tutorial as we take it a step further to create an automated email sending every time you publish new content.

Ready to start?

Google Reader has long been gone, and how I miss it dearly. Although there are many other methods to keeping up with my favorite blogs, I really loved being notified when my favorite blogs and websites updated themselves with fresh content.

Yes, there are other services on the market that can do the same thing. Heck, I have even thought about creating my own RSS reader. But I digress.

How to generate website traffic using your RSS feed.

Long story short, my latest tutorial will show you how to use Mailchimp’s RSS-Driven Campaign feature to automatically notify your mailing list subscribers when you post new content to your website or blog.

Now do you understand the importance of why I was stressing you should have completed my previous mailing list tutorial?

If you haven’t done so, then please do so now (again!).

Harness the power of technology and use this simple point-and-click tutorial to generate consistent and substantial amounts of traffic to your website when you post new content.

Why I Love RSS-Driven Campaigns.

Personally, I love the RSS-Driven Campaign feature not only because it keeps subscribers up to date on my latest internet marketing content, but using this service has increased traffic and content shares.

I’ve seen increased social media sharing of my content which I know will impact my search rankings positively because of its organic interaction and linking building.

In addition, RSS-Driven Campaigns are a reminder to potential and existing customers when I fail to have time to send a monthly email (Oops!).

Yes, I’m short on time like other small business owners too, but RSS-Driven Campaigns make up when and where I fall short in timely communication.

That said, I invite you to spend the next 10 minutes viewing this quick and easy video tutorial (see below).

It’ll be the best 10 minutes you will have spent for your small business, and it’s sure to buy you more in a lifetime than what you could accomplish doing other business-related tasks and chores.

And speaking of business-related tasks and chores, be sure to add my 108 Actions To Increase Website Rankings and Traffic to that growing list of yours…

Let me know what you think, and hopefully, you’ll hear from me soon in your inbox (wink, wink… don’t forget to subscribe today)!


Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.