Domain Auctions Ending 7/13/2016

We’re back to the middle of the week, Wednesday.

This time last week, we were in the middle of having our 3rd baby, a baby girl. We hadn’t had any sleep and were running on pure adrenaline.

Fast forward a week, and everyone in the house is sound asleep and all is well. 🙂

And before I forget, like I did yesterday, yesterday was Amazon Prime Day and I missed it!  I’m not even sure how I missed it, but I did.  Oh well, better luck next time, aye???  The good thing is that my wife didn’t miss it. ;D

In other news, there is this new craze that has hit the town: Pokemon Go.

I remember Pokemon growing up, but was never really into it.

Now, with augmented reality and smartphones, a growing number of kids and adults are Pokemon-ing it all over the place.

From CNN to Huffington Post to parks to businesses to everywhere, Pokemon fever is rampant.

And just like the news cycle, when things are out, folks are likely to register domain names.

But be warned that Pokemon is a marked term, so register domains at your own risk (not recommended).

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Domaining News

In domaining news, here’s what you’ll want to read and know about:

That’s all for today. Let’s move onto today’s domain auctions.

Domain Auctions Ending Today:

As usual, click domains to view their respective auction pricing and details. – Anyone need additional SnapChat, iPhone or Photoshop filters??? – Let’s party like it’s 1999 and bring cures for every disease and everyone. – Great domain to brand for maternity wear. – Sometimes I need a change of scenery, something fresh. – A sports or radio talk show? – Teach someone how to code as a mentor, or learn from the best. – The one and only… – Nice geo service domain for the Nevada car rental market, specifically Reno. – Innovate, but don’t break the bank doing so… and – Domains with “Forex” just bid, plain and simple. – Inspire me today to accomplish something great. Share your inspirations with the world. – It’s all about the world of Skiing. – What’s the going price for ????? – Sounds like a speed reading or scanning product – Perfect domain for the fashionista! – All you need to know about databases, and the various database providers, existing and up and coming… – Like the sound of this brandable domain. – It’s high as a kite, but worth the bid. – I need to contact this guy to get my washboard back. 😀

Additional domain auctions worth keeping a bidding eye on throughout the day:

Did you know that you too could have your domains included in our daily domain auctions ending listing? Read about how to get your domains listed and more…

A bit weak this week, but 4L .net and .com domain auctions are still available:

A decent list of geo-related and geo service domain auctions worth bidding on:

Not a bad list of numeric domain auctions to bid on:

A few brandable domain auctions worth reviewing:

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