Domain Auctions Ending 6/30/2016

It’s the last day of June, and marks the end of half of the year. That’s right, I said half the year is already gone.

If you’ve been keeping up with me over the last 6 months or half the year, then you know that my wife and I are expecting a bundle of joy with the arrival of a beautiful baby princess.

Well, we attended our last check up yesterday. I thought we were going to get a sneak peak and what she would look like. Didn’t happen. Baby girl turned away as well as kept hear hands and arms in front of her face.

Oh well baby girl, we’ll see you soon enough. 7 days and counting now…

In other news, I was recently reminded with how we arrived at baby girl’s name reading Tia Wood’s Babies Need Domain Names.

I recommend you take a read if you’re a soon to be expecting parent or aspire to have children in the near future.

As time passes and technology progresses, it’ll be interesting to see how much of an increased or decreased role a domain name will play in all aspects of our lives.

There are so many questions to answer and figure out:

  • Will new gTLDs become the norm, and replace it’s predecessors?
  • Will most die on the vine and never take off?
  • Will something replace domains all together?

So many more questions to ask and answer, yet we’ll have to live a day at a time and watch it all unfold.

Well, make this last day of the month and first half of the year count. Which reminds me, I need to review how I’m doing with this year’s predictions.

In other news, take a moment to review the domain and hosting specials below.

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Domaining News

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That’s all for today. Let’s move onto today’s domain auctions.

Domain Auctions Ending Today:

As usual, click domains to view their respective auction pricing and details. – Nice descriptive 3-word domain ready for the company that offers such products, services and solutions. – Share and receive insight for how to limit trips to the doctor.  Or better yet, a service or insurance product that offers doctors protection from malpractice suits. – Whip that credit back into 700+ shape. – We have emojis, so we might as well have virtual jewelry to bling them out. – Got to be one to understand the rules. – Now who can pass up a free taco. – Sounds like an app to me. – Great two-word domain that lends itself to a wide range of branding opportunities. – There are many national businesses that brand with USA at the end of their domain. – Nothing but the best rugs being sold here. Nice little brandable domain. – Art Gallery security solutions, services, or products. – It’s that time of season if you’re near a coast. – Strangling nothing but the best profits out every options put and call you make. – Hey, get all the hay you need here. – No one size fits all business here. Get your exact size, just like the domain says! – Showed up a day early!

A boatload of additional domain auctions worth bidding or keeping a close eye on today:

A mixed basket of geo-related and geo service domains in auction today:

Decent list of 4L .cc, .com and .net auctions, and one domain auction:

Not many brandable domain auctions to bid on today:

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.