Domain Auctions Ending 5/5/16

Happy Cinco De Mayo… or happy 5th of May said another way.

It’s Thursday, and we’re having phenomenal spring weather this week in Austin.

I’m enjoying it while I can because I know it’ll soon disappear and the welcome to heat hell signs will appear.

In domaining news, be sure you read the following articles:

That’s it for today, and now onto the auctions. As usual, click domains to view their auction pricing and other details.

Domain Auctions Ending Today – Halloween is just around the corner, but there are more holidays than just halloween to dress up for. 16 years old. – 6 years old with a $12 bid. Perfect domain to brand for a brand consultant, company or agency. – 18 year old domain that ceased operations in 2015 and bidding high. – Show me the way to real estate success. – Stereo purchase or even swap website. 12 years old with many bids. – Primetime real estate. Think folks aren’t reviewing and attending college despite the rising costs and massive student loan mess ahead of us. Think again. – 16 years old. The kinda of money I like making whether I’m awake or asleep. Put it on automatic baby!

Additional domain auctions to track and bid on this day:

A mixed bag of domain auctions with bids:

A few 4L and 5L .com domain auctions:

A decent list of 4L .net domain auctions:

There are many more “ListIt…” domain auctions, but these caught my eye based on this article

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