Domain Auctions Ending 4/23/2016

Good Saturday morning.

Last night I mowed and edged, and the lawn is getting dense and greener by the day. Today, I’ve got a big day ahead of me helping my neighbors prune their tree(s). Then I hope to get some time with my wife and boys.

In domaining news, Domain Name Wire published an article I found to be very interesting read: Interesting data comparing .coms to premium new TLDs.

Another article worth reading is posted on Your Name or A Brandable Domain Name? I encourage you to read this if you’re thinking about using your own name or trying to find a brandable domain. This article provides a real life question and answer story from a real person and their pursuit of business.

Finally, today’s auctions are chocked full of numeric domains. Sorry if numeric domain auctions are not your thing or cup of tea.

That’s all I have for today. Onto today’s domain auctions. As usual, click domains to view their respective auction data and detail.

Domain Auctions Ending Today – Nothing like a backyard oasis that makes you feel like you’re always on vacation. Perfect name to brand should you build and develop backyards. 8 years old with 7 bids.,, and – If you like 8’s and pairs, then here are 3 numeric domains. – 16 years old with 2 bids. Learn all the jokes you want from A to Z since the beginning of time.,, and – More numeric domain auctions; a sequential numeric domain grouping. – I think this domain will crack the $500 barrier. Currently at $60 and 16 years old.,,,, and – Pairs of 9 for days in this group of numeric domains. – I might have to bid on this domain although it will be hard to compete with hosting promo pages of and 8 years old with a $12 bid.,,,,, and – We’re back with pairs of 9’s, 8’s, 7’s, and 69’s (no pun intended) in this group of numeric domains. – Sounds like a marketing communications company. 8 years old with 2 domains.,,, and – The final group of numeric domains with 9’s and 8’s.

Additional domains to bid on today:

A few 4L .com and strong list of 4L .net auctions:

A boatload of numeric domain auctions:

Written by Alvin Brown
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