Domain Auctions Ending 4/18/2016

This weekend went by so fast. I was able to complete my yard work and outdoor chores, although in the pouring rain.

Yes, I thought I could complete it all, including spreading Bug-B-Gon and Crabgrass Preventer, before the down pour. However, the down pour showed up about 6 hours early. Nevertheless, the yard looks great mowed and edged.

My taxes are not complete, but I did file for an extension.  I hope your taxes are complete and field. If not, then today’s your last day to complete your taxes or file for an extension. Enough of the personal, let’s talk domaining news.

If you missed domaining news over the weekend, Domain Name Wire broke the news that Chinese domain name company eName announced its IPO. That’s huge news!

And then there is Squarespace making an entry into the domain names space as a registrar. Read more… 

That’s it for this weekend. Now onto domain auctions ending today. As usual, click domains to view their respective auction detail and data.

Domain Auctions Ending Today – Never been to Oregon, but a few websites could use this domain as an upgrade. 17 years old with NO bids. – Better than Hunger Games for sure. 16 year old domain with growing bid popularity. – For whatever reason, this domain makes me think of or another internet or affiliate marketer. 8 years old with NO bids. – The struggle is real and this market is growing exponentially daily. That’s the sad truth. 14 years old with a $10 bid. – If this 7 year old domain with NO bids doesn’t do it for you, then maybe will do it for you. – I have no dealings and don’t care to meet. 16 years old with NO bids. – Be the ticket broker of the year with this 19 year old domain with 7 bids. – I think I might bid on this one. It’s been almost 11 years since I got into flipping houses. And if you don’t win this 8 year old domain with NO bids, then try the following: HouseFlipper.Guide, HouseFlippers.Guide, or – Good domain for a commercial property company or maybe a company specializing in finding websites. 20 years old and bidding quite HOT. – 12 years old with 6 bids, and I’m certain domainers will feast on this auction. Bid’er up! – A business desktop PC, a help service for professionals, the name of a professional desk company or IT helpdesk support services. Strong name either way. 19 years old and many bids.

Additional domain auctions to keep an eye on today:

A mixed basket of 4L and 5L .cc and .com auctions:

A few 4L .org domains:

4L .net domain auctions are still holding strong:

A few .net and .com domain auctions to keep tabs on:

Written by Alvin Brown
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