Domain Auctions Ending 4/14/2016

It’s Thursday morning and I’ve got another fast-moving day before me to get many things done.

For those of you expecting this list to arrive around 4-5am, please accept my apologies. Last night I attended a monthly Business Roundtable with fellow brothers and believers of Christ. I arrived home and spent time with my wife and boys instead of putting together the list. 

In domain news, check out Ron Jackson’s latest post on about the upcoming season of domain meetups and conferences around the world. If you’re within 1 day round trip flight or driving distance, do join in.

Oh yes, I did update the GoDaddy promo codes this week, so don’t forget to check it before hand registering domains, or purchasing web and email hosting and SSL cert services.

Onto today’s domain auctions. As usual, click domains to view their respective auction details and data.

Domain Auctions Ending Today – Nothing inexpensive about this 4 year old domain. Luxury and Rings put together has a ring to it. – 4 years old with a $12. A website about employer’s to not work for due to their discrimination. – Content is the name of the game. If you’re a content marketing agency, then having this 16 year old domain might be what the content doctor ordered. – Sounds like a place where old industries go to die and seek a new birth as a startup. 4 years old with 2 bids. – Two terms in Texas and Mexico that are about as common as cattle is to Texas. 16 years old with 6 bids. – If Intellectual Property and Patents are your domain, then this is the perfect domain for you. 16 years old with 2 bids. – Oh and I love to eat. Just tell me all to spots around town I need to hit up with this 7 year old with 3 bids.

Additional domain auctions to keep an eye on:

A mixed basket of domain auctions:

A handful of .org domain auctions:

The trove of 4L .net domain auctions are still strong:

4L and 5L .com domain auctions to watch for:

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