Cloud Emoji Domain Now Brokered by Leading Domain Broker

I’ve got sunshine (☀), on a cloudy day (☁). When it’s cold outside ❄ (Brr, like right now!), I’ve got the month of February …err May.

Although it’s cold and cloudy here in Austin, Texas, things are heating up a bit in the emoji domain space.

Per a tweet today, is now brokering the .com cloud emoji domain (☁.com).

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Not knowing how it happened or any other details of this arrangement, I’m certain all eyes will be watching and waiting to see how much Media Options can fetch for ☁.com.

I’ve seen ☁.com surface a few times via,, reddit, and, but nowhere else.

In fact, Last summer I mentioned ☁.com in an interview with Thomas Huynh, the owner of ☮.com. Since that time, I’ve not heard much from or about ☮.com or ☁.com.

I do know that ☁.com was previously owned by Max Guerin before he sold it for a smooth $13K within a week or two of the ☮.com.

☁.com is certainly most and more valuable than the traditional ccTLD emoji domains. And if you’re wondering who owns ☁ in other extensions, keep reading. 😉

☁.ws redirects to, a URL Shortener while ☁.to redirects to a ClaimYour.Name sales landing page.

☁.com will be a key emoji domain sale, especially should it land in the hands of a tech company in the Cloud space putting it to good use.

Regardless, the brokering of ☁.com is certainly to raise a bit more exposure to emoji domains in general.

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Personally, I’m most interested to see not only what type of price tag it’ll fetch, but what type of transaction is executed.

With all the cryptocurrency hoopla going on, it wouldn’t surprise me to see a coin transaction of some sort occur should an investor buy it.

In closing, congrats to Media Options and best wishes towards raising the emoji domain sales expectation and bar!

How much to do you think ☁.com will go for?

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.